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1994 Mercury Tracer (1 Review)
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i got this car in april 2005 to replace the 1996 hyundai accent that died. the car has 150k (i put 80k on it) and has been a pain since. i've literally replaced nearly half of all the parts under the hood and it still won't run well. the seat belt got stuck on the track half way and now i can't wear the shoulder part w/out being choked. every now and then the spedometer goes up and down like its possessed. there's smoke coming from under the hood right by the driver headlight and none of the 5 local mechanics can figure it out, causing me to become ill if i'm stuck in the car for more than 15 minutes. i hate this car with every fibre of my being. if it was't winter and i could ride my bike w/out fear of being run over, then i'd scrap this car asap. i hate you car.