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1993 Mercury Tracer (2 Reviews)
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I remember is so well. In 1999 a friend was helping me look for my first car and Car Max had quite a few. The 1993 Mercury Tracer was the best fit in price, driving comfort and fit me perfectly.

Power everything. I loved her. I named her Betsy. She drove GREAT! To work and home, I worked two jobs about 7 miles from each other. She was good on gas. Though you had to be driving at least 45 mph to get her AC to cool the air at times on very hot days over 80 degrees F. I got a ticket for doing such.

Then April 2001 came and friends begged me to come out dancing and I really did not want to. I finally went to meet them, but on my way there, a guy ran a red light and totaled her (by my auto insurance). My roommate found a mechanic to fix her up like good as new. Sure enough, he did, but there were issues with the catalytic converter and i did not want to deal with that. I had been looking for a new vehicle soon after the accident.

I went in to a dealership to check the colors of a Toyota Tacoma Black vs Dark Green. I got cornered and bought a Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner. I do not regret, but feel sad I let that sales guy rip me off (hindsight is sad, isn't it) by taker her, Betsy, as a $200 trade-in. I paid $5000 for the car. He took a working car for $200 and sold me a $15,000 truck for $28,000. I was young and dumb. That won't EVER happen again.

I miss Betsy.
Pretty good car. She has made it thur 4 trips back and forth to Texas. Great gas mileage. not a lot to complain about