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2002 Mercury Sable (6 Reviews)
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II have a 2002 mercury and it keeps cutting off I change the wires and the plugs change the water pump got a new starter..changed the battery.Idk can someone please help me it keep cutting off now it's making some popping noise
The 2002 Mercury sable is a all around reliable car. However I did encounter a few problems. Recently I had to replace the alternator, the Power Steering pump leaks a little, I need to replace the Inner Tie Rods and possibly the outter ones, and after putting in fuel treatment/injector cleaner several times over the past 6 months, Im still getting poor gas mileage??
The Sable is probably the most troublesome car that I have ever owned. There have been multiple things that have broken and it's never something cheap. First, it was the fuel pump. Then, the alternator, the starter, the bearings, electrical problems, and now my transmission is starting to stick and has even fallen out of gear a couple times. By far, the worst car that I have ever owned.
Parts are easy to find for it. In the last year I've had to put around 2k into suspension and steering components alone. Besides that the engine is reliable and I haven't had problems elsewhere. (131,000 miles)
The only problem I have experienced is a trans-flush I am about to have done for minor slip at 40 mph. I hope this is just a fluid replacement and not a transmission replacement. Even so, this has been a great car no repairs except basic upkeep (I'm at 124k miles)until now.
suspension problems, powersteering almost works