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1999 Mercury Sable (7 Reviews)
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I'm glad I read the first story, because of the comment about the gap between the dash and instrument cluster. My car has this, and I assumed it was because the car was hit and maybe someone did a lousy job fixing it. I bought the car used so I don't know its history. I bought this as a station car but have gotten fairly good use out of it. It has a lot of features. Acceleration isn't impressive for a 200hp car, but maybe the car wasn't well maintained and needs a fuel filter replacement. It's homely in black, though, but not a lot of choice in the used car market in this price range (cheap!)
I bought my '99 Mercury Sable Sedan 4 years ago with 55,000 miles on it and have driven it thus far to 128,000. My Mercury has been the most reliable car I have ever owned personally. Over the past 4 years I have had to replace the AC sensor which cost about $75 and also replaced the front rotors. The front rotors continue to be problematic as they develop a rhythmic vibration when braking after about 10,000 miles of running new ones. The drive train has been great in the car! Loads of power and can really get up and go when you want it to but still gets great gas mileage when you drive conservatively...I can get between 27-29 miles per gallon in my Sable. The interior is sparse but that is the way I like my cars...simple! One complaint I do have is about the 1/4" gap which develops between the dash and the instrument cluster..little bit of heat in the sun and this is what happens to all Mercury Sables and Ford Taurus cars of the '96-'99 vintage. Overall great car...I plan on driving mine till something major goes wrong with it and then I will get the car completely restored....freshen up engine, body work with new paint, freshen up interior, etc.... way cheaper then going out and buying a new car!!! Finding used and new parts for the '99 Sable is easy....there seems to be one in every junk yard in my area and also 3-4 '99 Ford Taurus cars in each one as well. Parts are easy to find!! I recommend the Sable if you need a reliable family based car which is safe and at the same time has great power and gets excellent gas mileage!
I have owned this car for 6 years. It has been fairly dependable but has had its share of electrical problems. Currently have a problem with the dome light staying on and the auto door lock not working. Also can not seem to get a set of front rotors that do not develop a hard spot causing a rhythmic vibration when stopping.
My boyfriend and I recently got this car from his mom. His mom had to get some things done on it. For instance she had to get a new battery and transmission was slipping a little bit when she was driving it. But we had it sitting for 8 months and we had to get another new battery and put some tans-x in it and it runs perfectly. The only thing is now the power seating in the drivers seat hasn't worked since before the car was sitting. The seat is all the way back and i can not reach the peddles but my boyfriend can. Other than that i say its an all around good car. But if anyone has any ideas on what to do about the power seating we would gladly appreciate it.
The amount of repair work and faulty equipment has been outrageous and irresponsible of Mercury/Ford and I am not what they call a "rookie."
Best car I have ever owned. Reliable. Very few repairs.
This car is really great! It has never let me down and presently has 242,000 miles on it.
Just recently has transmission slippage--need to find some repair costs to see if is worth repairing.