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1997 Mercury Sable (3 Reviews)
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I just bought a Pre owned 1997 Mercury Sable from someone. I just have a question maybe someone out there is a mechanic or knows something about this. I turn the steering wheel and it like makes a noise kinda like an runs and drives great but just wondering what it might be. I have not been a mechanic in so many years. does anyone know is it a belt or the Rack or what do you think it might be. I would love to hear from someone if they know something. I am in MN. my email is so if someone possibly knows and can tell me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks Sean
MY 97' SABLE, was my 1st car, and i loved it like it was a luxurious car, UNTILL it started to mess up a year after i bought it.
my dash-board 's electricity was shot, so the check-engine light would stay on, the car door open light would stay on, which means my interior lights would not cut off unless the car was off and sitting for an hour, and when i made right turns, my power-steering would cut completely off. My car radio would only work in Park, and Neutral. And my car would only have electrical problems in Reverse, Drive(1 and 2)
i still haven't gotten it fixed but as soon as i do i'll be happy again.
but other than ALL THOSE PROBLEMS, it rides so smooth!
I have owned this car since 2000. Overall it has been a fairly good car. The problems I have experienced are the same ones that others seem to encounter. The transmission had to be completely rebuild at about 77,000 miles, the interior lights stay on long after the doors are closed etc. On the positive side the AC and heater work great as does the stereo and other components. It also has a nice ride and reasonably good preformance. More thumbs up than thumbs down.