1996 Mercury Sable Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 Mercury Sable owners review and rate their 1996 Mercury Sable.

1996 Mercury Sable (4 Reviews)
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I bought my 97 sable in 2000 and I love her and am having a hard time parting with her. She still runs but is on her last legs the only real issue I have was with the a/c it is very expensive to repair so I have been done without foir several years. It was a great car for teaching the kids to drive and I am looking for another. I will drive her till she no longer runs which will be very soon hence looking for another. The transmission was rebuilt several years ago and it still runs
the engine light has alway been on since I bought her & the several mechanics I took her to cannot find out why so I dont let it bother me I would recommend the sable for anyone who wants a reliable car
got a 1996 gray as my first car, 126,000 miles and its still running like a champ for the year. i only have small issues [the brakes pull very slightly to the left over 55mph, it idles at 1-1/2 but thats to be expected of a 15yr old car, and the a/c needs recharging] every thing else is smooth as silk. id recommend mercurys to the grave. and yea it is a taurus and vice versa
the best car that i've ever owned (as far as faithfulness). mine's a station wagon. it's basically a taurus. so i bought a taurus for my son.
why all american cars look the same?????