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1995 Mercury Mystique (4 Reviews)
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is there anyone out there that can turn me on to a engine wireing harness????wires dried out from the heat of the motor, need to replace it...8 hours of labor???? holy crap, and thats for someone who knows what he's is on it's third tranny, has only 51,000 miles..what am i going to do??????
My husband purchase me a new car for a Christmas present. I bought my Mystique new of 1995 has 300,000 miles going to miss my old car lasted me 19 years no issues with tranny or engine an reliable transportation. I did have problems with heater fixed $85 bucks getting a new compressor other than that car has been pretty reliable. The Mercury put me and my who grow to be children through lots of fun taking them to school, sports, activities, etc. Still looks good no problems out of nothing I know when sell it someone going to love this car very reliable have all regular receipts and maintenance when got car scheduled work done gets 26mpg mostly highway driving the interior is in good condition with everything else on car loved my Mystique was an great little midsize car ever.
This car, although it appears to be a low-end basic vehicle, has been a pretty decent car. I purchased it from an original owner that took good care of it. It now has 120,000 miles on it and it's just now starting to experience some overheating/antifreeze loss issues. Pros - good gas mileage, peppy 4 cyl. engine and ok body style. Cons - noisy engine, headlight covers,over a period of time, turn yellowish and cause the headlights to dim, trunk seal is weak and causes leakage.
I've done put a transmission in this car now its bad,now it want crank,i think it mighta jumped time,and there is oil in cylinder 1 and 3 why?if you know please let me know.