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2004 Mercury Mountaineer (9 Reviews)
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I bought our 2004 V8, AWD for my wife used with about 50,000 miles on it from a used car lot and am the second owner. Shortly after our purchase my wife was diagnosed with cancer so we spent the next 3+ years driving 350+ miles 1 - 2 times per week to Atlanta for Chemotherapy and doctors appointments. The Mountaineer performed superbly and the only real problem we ever had was the transmission went out one time and had to be rebuilt. Now I will say I am having problem with the transmission again but I DO NOT blame that on the Mountaineer, I blame that on the quality of the work performed by Sunny King Ford in Anniston, Alabama! I lost my wife to cancer in August 2013 but we both agreed that of all the cars we ever owned, from VW's, Mercedes, Corvettes, Tahoes, etc., none have been any better than our Mercury Mountaineer and we just hate we cannot replace ours with a newer one since ours now has 195,000 miles on it but still running strong, except for the transmission which I plan to replace and continue driving!
bought this vehicle with 30,000 miles on it. it now has 167,000. had 2 bumper to bumper warranty's on it and at 120,000 put both front wheel bearings in it. other wise never needed the warranty. out pulled my 95 chev pick-up pulling a 26 ft, toyota boat. has the 4.6 v-8 and all wheel drive. not the best fuel miliage, but didn't buy it for fuel miliage. bought it so i would not worry if my wife put it in 4x4 when it was icy up here in minnesota. been a great car. the only reason i am on this sight is to look for a wiring diagram to repair my side mirrors. a 25.00 switch fixed the problem. take care of your car and it will take care of you. oil has been changed every 3,000 miles since i have had it. cheap insurance

some are right 04 being junk the big issue is money.tranny is week engine is good tranny took 3 months to replace finding the correct one.yes loveing wife loves this car lord blessing wont fix it a prayer to bury it would be better..
Junk. Cost me a fortune to keep this vehicle . Worse vehicle I ever owned.Repeatedly replaced brakes, tires, bearings and the transfer case.Eats gas! Sending this vehicle to the junkyard where it belongs.
Bought pre-owned at dealer in 2007- had 30K miles on it. Love the look and power (Have the premier v8 version). No major issues- replaced shocks and struts around 85k miles. At 115k miles, have a few minor issues- mostly electrical (wiring to rear wiper and defogger frayed at line between roof and gate). One of the window hinges on the rear gate failed as well (replaced both for about $50- bought them new on ebay) it was a simple repair. Check engine light just came on, likely 02 sensor. Still runs great- very reliable and parts are easy to get and not too expensive. I love my truck and would look at the 2010 version next (If I ever need to replace it!)
I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. 137,000 miles. I love it however This past year everything is going. I have replaced the Radiator, both sides Ti-rods my windows don't go down unless the driver side door is wide open. It shifts really hard into gear like my tranny is going to drop. MOSTLY only starts without trouble when the weather is 60 degrees or higher. If damp or cold it does not start. This has been going on for 2 years. I sometimes have to crank it 40x before it starts! it failed emissions this year! I have always owned a mercury cougar and loved them all. That is why I bought this mountaineer when I did. I do love it and would I buy another....YES
I have a 2004 Mountaineer, O'boy with 127,000 miles this thing is like a puzzle. Something is wrong every week. Shuts down when on cruise control, idle goes up and down, transmission hits hard when shifting and one window does'nt work. Never again will i buy a ford product. The bad this is that ford will not do anything about it.
Seems Ford just started cranking out junk because things were selling well back then. Amazing the hood is rusting out already, the hood release cable jams the hood catch open most of the time you open the hood plus there is rusting under the body too. The front ball joints and hubs were shot at 48000 miles! There is no reason they should be worn out by then other than they are junk. The vehicle has never been off-road or in any accidents. The suspension has been making horrible squeaks and groans for a longtime and there isn't any left we can lube. The AC compressor makes a loud chirp all the time and the dealer never got it fixed right. We have an electrical issue were the vehicle will not start, most times you can let it sit then try again in a minute or two but sometimes you need to disconnect the battery wait a few minutes then reconnect it to be able to start up. There are plenty of other quality issues right down to the brakes and wheels which also need to be replaced already due to them corroding (tire dealer has seen many coming in for replacement in the last couple of years). Fit and finish was also bad with doors and windows leaking and wind noise. We've got a 2001 sale with twice as many miles on it and it is only now just showing a few spots of rust so this shows a great difference in material quality in those few years. We've always been Ford owners for the most part, over 95% of our vehicles have been Fords but I've been pushed by poor dealer attitude and poor product quality to say too bad Ford survived recent events. I wouldn't have shed a tear or cared if they were gone at this point.
Bought new and driven as a company vehicle - overall have had no major problems until now (7 years/68,000 miles). A/C compressor "blew up" and had to replace compressor and condensor. Also, rear windows intermittently will not go down. But I would buy another given the opportunity!