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2000 Mercury Mountaineer (6 Reviews)
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Purchased a 2-owner Mt. w/73K original miles. It had a bit of rust due to 2 winters in Michigan followed by 12 years in Va. It has the infamous radio light and rear window wiper failures which I have allowed to continue. It has cost me $100s in front end repairs (rust due to Michigan winters, I guess) and modest other repairs but it is a 15 year old vehicle. It got me thru several snows last winter with no problems when others were stuck. The motor is superb still and I now have 90K miles on it with a EGR replacement and tune-up pending. Hopefully no other issues but I LOVE this SUV. Comfort, features and ride are tops and the 5 liter motor is terrific.
I have the Lenendary 2000 mercury mountaineer.I have 125000 on this thing. It just dont quit.This is my old truck , i have a new one .But i just love this thing going to keep it.only thing that goes out on them is the light in the radio, and it did.Its a all wheel dr. with a 302 v8 . ill fix the raido and it will be like new again.always kept in the garage and oil changed ever 3000 miles.My Mech told me he has a new car with more miles than mine.Ive had a lot of trucks and cars in my lifetime , but this has been one of the best. LH
Only a few things to say about this car it has 266,00 miles on it and i have only had it in the shop once in the last year the engine this runs great and the all wheel drive as well all around best car i have had in some time.
We bought this 2000 Mercury Mountaineer V6 brand new. It has 73000 original miles. We had some trouble with the radio over the years and it has been replaced twice free of charge. Had to replace radiator at 64000 miles. Overall we have been extremely satisfied.
I bought a 2000 V8 AWD from a reputable dealer, and in general it's fun to drive, gives me a great view of surrounding traffic, and has good power. However... First off, I'm in MD but the beast has a CA emissions system... so my mileage in normal driving hovers around 14.5MPG or less. In the first 2 years I owned it, the repair bills totaled just shy of $5K, and I never know which part of the electrical system will mysteriously stop working (or mysteriously restart) under which circumstances. The front end's been rebuilt twice (the mechanic's comment was "Oh, yeah, I do a few of these each month"), and I have to always make sure I'm actually going in a straight line. Also, on those occasions when it chooses to work, the rear window wiper often jams up under the window glass when it first starts so I have to get out & pull it loose (and no one has ever been able to get it to clear the full sweep of the window). The only reason I've kept the beast is the cost of a new vehicle vs. the idea that "okay, maybe THIS time we cleared up the problems..." I'm willing to check out the newest Mountaineer with a jaundiced eye, but I wouldn't touch an older one with a 10-foot pole, sorry...
Original owner of 2000 Mercury Mountaineer with Monterey trim (clone to Ford Explorer Eddie Buaer model. Overall, we've been pleased with SUV - however it goes through front brakes about every 2 years and AC performance has been spotty of late. We have the 5.0 L V-8 engine and average 16 mpg around town and 22+ mpg on long trips. The Mountaineer is built on truck platform so ride is a bit stiff, but has great towing capacity. Maintenece and repair costs average about $1,000/year - not bad for a 10-year old SUV and way better than new SUV payment.