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1999 Mercury Mountaineer (3 Reviews)
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I had my truck since March of this year and last month it just stopped running it would start but won't stay started I had it to six different shops look at it nobody knows why it won't stay running and I don't either its a V8 1999 mountaineer at my last end I don't want to give it up but don't know what else to do
I bought my 1999 Mercury Mountaineer with 52000 miles in 2003. I currently have 245,700 miles on the vehicle. It has the original water pump and alternator. I've replaced the brakes on it, the A/C Compressor clutch and oh yeah the A/C has never had to be recharged! Almost unheard of these days! I've pulled a 28 foot travel trailer with this vehicle coming from Georgia up through the mountains and difficult countryside in New Hampshire. The vehicle runs and drives as good as ever. I recently put new lower ball joints on it as one of them was a little loose. Not bad for a quarter of a million miles.This vehicle is without a doubt the best vehicle I've ever owned and I've owned over 20 different cars and trucks! LOVE MY MERCURY!
i have a 19199 merc mountaineer right after i payed it off the revers went out its a 2 wheel drive automatic and im not shur what is wrong with it if any one has a idea on what the problem is please e-mail me @ thanks .