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1998 Mercury Mountaineer (7 Reviews)
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HI, I got my SUV since 2008 is been a really god suv not have any problems since, but lately know I have this: every two months I have to add 1 liter oil why I don´t know she just need it but not have smock or liken , the motor is clean alway, the brake as a regular used, radiator fixed 2 times in 4 years, my cooler doesen´t work they don´t know why the gas just go, but my last problem is the windows sudenly stop working all of them and whitout air well is hard haha well I check everything and not found the problem but I love this car even if I use to much gasoline
had my 98' 4.0 v6 for 5yrs now and its got 200k miles . regularly maintained by orig. owner got it from and no smoke,oil leaks or loss from burning it , great gas millage and power still . but as i have read above the issues im now having (i.e ) driver seat lever ,rear wiper , this n that n a few others are common. i love mine n not selling it ever
are you kidding me??? can someone please tell me how to find and replace my heater core ?? everything is in place,the water is hot and flowing to both lines..but i have no heat....please help me..i dont see the need to replace the heater core..the fluid is moveing fine...what the hell ???
I have a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer that my family bought new. It has low mileage for a 1998 at 99,000 miles. No issues with it whatsoever -- just routine maitenance. I hope to drive it for many miles to come.
Great reliability. Have had car since new. Am now only starting to have a few problems. Have a small rear main seal oil leak (will be a $700 repair). and have an AC freon leak ($ 500 to $1000 repair range). However, I have had car for 12 + years (180000 mles) and have only had one radiator replacement $500, one minor tranny repair ($450) Two minor items I did not fix - radio lite only works intermittantly and lever for drivers seat back has broken off - both are common problems and I have chosen not to get them repaired.LOVE THIS TRUCK - all wheel d(rive is great in snow country, car runs GREAT and burns no oil. Hope to drive it to 250000 miles.
I was able todoa temporary fix AC leak with an additive and the oil leak is just a drip each day in my garage.
I have the 5.0 V8, and it has been a complete dream for a car of its age. It only has about 102K miles, which is low for its year, but I have had NO serious problems whatsoever. The problems I have had:

-Broken Radio Display
-Both the driver and passenger front doors unlock by remote, but do not lock
-The sunroof gets stuck when I close it, so I only pop it up now. It also leaks a TINY bit when it pours
-Bushings make noise, but dealership says its safe to drive, and doesn't need replacement yet

Other than these relatively small things (which could be fixed if i were so inclined) the car has had no issues. I just change the oil, do basic maintenance, and she's good to go. After talking with many people about these vehicles, and doing lots of research, i recommend being careful of the used V6 models. The V6 is better on gas, but tends to have more mechanical issues (4x4, timing belt, transmission). Also beware of the 1995-1997 and the 2002-2005 models. These are the ones they tend to not have all the kinks worked out of yet when they were new, and subsequently tend to have more problems.

Bought the car in 2000 as a lease car that was returned to the dealer to be put on the market to be sold. So I got the car almost new, with only 5000 miles on it. Have had no trouble with it--only maintenance. I would buy another one tomorrow if I could. After 85,000 miles, I am only now having to have repairs on it-mostly maintenance type issues. So, I consider myself blessed. I love my SUV.