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2005 Mercury Montego (9 Reviews)
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I have. 2005 mercury montego premier. I did scheduled services and treated her well. She gas 87000 miles on her. The gear shift is beginning to stick in park but i hear its just a computer upgrade. I love this car. Paint fades in the hot desert sun but have taken care of that too. She has never let me down and i plan on being happy with her for years to come
Best car ever owned. We owned this car used in 2010 with 55,000 miles on it. Only thing changed are brakes, battery, tires and put in new plugs. I love the styling of this car runs like new its at two hundred one miles without giving us problem runs and drives flawlessly. Seats are comfortable, car overall fantastic its in great condition all window regulators and cruise control still functions properly. This car hasn't had any mechanical problems with a thing.
I own two mercury montegos'the 2005 has the oringal brakes on has 11200 miles on it.the only thing I have done to this car is change the battery.what a great 2006 mercury montego just rolled to one hundred thousand miles,the only thing I have done to this car is change the brakes and battery,that's these cars.
I own a 2005 Mercury Montego with 63,000 miles. Twice I took it to the dealer where I purchased it, and who has done all the oil changes, etc plus any repairs, telling them there was something wrong with the transmission, possibly slipping, and something wrong with the brakes making a jerking feeling when stopping. They could find nothing either time. About 2 weeks later they had to send a tow truck for the car and bring me a loaner car because the check engine and check transmission notice was flashing, and my maximum speed was 22 MPH. Estimate repair bill = $2500. They said a transmission sensor went out. Any ideas?
Heating & A/C At 88K the fan cracked on blower and the a/c compressor needed to be replaced but no new compressors are available . The dealer had to rebuild old compressor with new parts from two sources. Car was in the shop for 8 days
We hit a deer at 75 mph on the turnpike, the car was damaged to the tune of $8500.00 but no one was injured. we were sure the car was totaled, but no. after repair the car has worked perfectly for 3 years until a woman in her oversize SUV rammed into the driver's door knocking the front wheel assembly off the car. Once again no one was hurt and after repair the only problem we have had is the radiator hose had to be replaced last week. The brakes have been replaced once and it's time to replace them again, and now the shocks need replacing too. We have 70,000+ miles on this car we bought used with 12,000 miles on it. I think it's been a wonderful car, in ice and snow the all wheel drive is as good or better than my 4x4 pickup. The fact it has survived 2 crashes and no one was injured has impressed me, it still rides and drives like new just needs shocks to be perfect. It's a shame they stopped making these, i don't know what we'll do when it has to be replaced.
love the size and comfort...never had AWD and love it in Michigan winters...however my transmission started moaning around 63000mi took it in to the dealer who told me without tearing it apart and charging me $900 to do so, it was either the trans or PTU (sits near trans and runs AWD)...advised me to sell it or if keeping it to drive it till it drops...which it did today at 73000 miles. I can't believe Ford hasn't had a recall on this.
My Montego is also getting a new transmission, after just 67,000 miles! What a hassle.
Beware the CVT transmission....had I fully understood the "experimental" nature of the CVT, I would not have purchased this vehicle.
I like the size of the interior, however, CVT transmission always seemed strange sound and power wise. Was always told that that's just how the CVT sounds. Now transmission out at 65,000 miles, 4 years old, and FORD dealer offers little to no help since it has yet to be recalled, this at a cost of $5,,700.!! Also rear brake problems since day one, head light went out and had to pay $200 to replace entire unit instead of a bulb. Love the size but will not buy a first year line ever again, and also not a Ford/Mercury.