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2006 Mercury Mariner (9 Reviews)
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I bought my Mariner in 2011 with 83k miles its a good vehicle with best quality ever. My last car was a 1995 Toyota Camry that I've purchased new but sadly totaled my vehicle an very reliable car ever too but needed another dependable ride. Overall love my Mariner its nice runs and drives like a champ, there no issues with nothing good car has good handling with the V6 and the performance is best in snow conditions. Mariner gets good fuel economy only things done are regular maintenance and oil changes etc. I'm at now 145k miles still runs like new purchased for $9000.00 at local service dealership the car is beautiful being in great condition although bought used vehicle since couldn't afford newer car started off in a cheaper way but my Mariner is an awesome vehicle love the options its very easy to drive no rattles or squeaks. Its peppy faster and love the fuel economy getting over 28mpg my ht. is 6'4'' and 188 lbs. the Mariner is a comfortable vehicle driving around which literally have be more relaxed and comfortable in city driving still the best vehicle ever had besides my Camry this Mercury is a head turner.
This the second transmission, new u joints, tie rod ends inner and outer, new power steering pump (car still hard to steer). I will probally need a new rack and pinion and now the emission system light is on. ?? what next. Can't afford a new car?
I loved this car when I first got it but every time I turn around something goes wrong with this car.. I would never buy another mercury again I am going back to buying only Chevy from now on..
This car has been a maintenance nightmare. At 70,065 miles, the engine went, due to lack of lubrication making it to the top end. The cam shafts came loose, flopped around, and tore up the block so bad I could not get a core on it when I got a new engine installed. 6 days out of the 6 year / 100,000 mile warranty. Brakes went early, half shaft went at 40k, it's noisy and neither my fiance nor I feel like this car is well built. In the last three years, I have put 100,000 miles more (now at 175,000) on my 06 4runner, and have replaced only a turn signal, and I tow a 5000 lb trailer 30% of the time. Never again will I own a Ford product.
I have had this car for over 6 years. The only problems that we have had were a rear tail light went out and the battery was replaced after 4 years. Built well and very reliable. I remember reading the consumer report on this car and they had to dig and stab low to find a problem with this vehicle. I recall that they hated the "Faux wood trim" around the radio and A/C controls. The other excuse was just as lame. Americans do build a great product and it’s sad to see Mercury fade away.
Has been a great car. Drive it every day for work. Done regular maintenance and have had no problems.
VERY expensive to repair... when the transmission goes, its gone. Mechanic described it as looking like a grenade went off. $3300 all said and done. Even the alternator cost $400. Great little car in the snow, but the things just too expensive to repair...
I bought this car and have loved every min of it. But, when it hit 70000 miles, the tranny went out. The dealership said it was due to not flushing the transmission. So, I suggest doing what they say and save yourself 5000. Thats what they charge. The flush is scheduled every 30000 miles.
I am over 90,000 miles on my 2006 Mariner Hybrid and it still runs great. Only needed new tires, regular oil changes (every 6-8,000 miles) and new wipers. I am just getting the brakes changed at 90,500 miles. My next car will definitely be another Mariner or Escape Hybrid.