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2005 Mercury Mariner (8 Reviews)
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I have about 140,000 miles on my car. This has been a great investment. The only problem I am having now are; the oxgyen sensors are bad. I am having a hard time trying to replace it. This has been an excellent buy. I am very happy I purchased this car.
The back hatch piece that covers the lifting lever just cracked off for no good reason. A friend at work saw this, and he stated the same happened to his mother-in-laws. I'm also having an interior moisture problem where the driver and passenger front windows rattle, which allows water to leak inside. The car has 79,000 miles. I wish I didn't have the above two issues because I like the ride and size.
This was my first new car out of college so I don't have anything else decent to compare it to.

Bought used at 15,000 miles. At 40,000 I had to replace the power steering pump which at the ford dealer was close to $1,000. Was told that there was a potential for the rack to be damaged which would have added another $1,000. Lucky for me that wasn't the case.

Other than that no real big problems. Drives OK.

Works well in Wisconsin even with 2 wheel drive (as long as the tires are decent).

I guess I don't drive it all that much. We bought a cheap Sante Fe and use that for all of our long trips and daily commute to work.
I purchased my car in 2005 and am now around 86,000 miles on it and it has been in the shop one time due to the gas pedal sticking. If you were driving down the highway and had to take your foot off the pedal and then try to press it down again it would stick and not move. I had to keep tapping it and then to get to the dealer ship i had to drive 15 miles holding the gas pedal down without letting off so when i came to red lights i would have to hold both pedals down at the same time. To date this is the only issue i have had with the car. well the headlights were to dim for rainy driving at night so i had to replace them with the blue lights and I have to admit i am still not happy using those in the rain so during fall and winter i have to use my fog lights to see the lines on the road for safe driving. The car has been excellent
2005 Mercury Mariner Premier AWD. My wife's vehicle that she has driven everyday religiously since we drove it new off the dealers show room is now at 218,000 miles. My wife droves from south Jersey to North Jersey or into New York city almost everyday for work. 750 mi - 1k miles per week average. This has been a great vehicle. I do all the regular maintence. Usually I use full synthetic or synthetic bland. Now that the mileage is so high I have been using a heavier oil 20-50. The SUV had lots of road noise when driving it. But we did the 1st new tire change around 140,000. It had Continental tires, we changed to Mitchelin tires. Wow, what a differences, the exterior road noise was gone.

The only problem we have ever had was around 100,000 miles. The traction control ring that goes around the front driver side axle broke. $32 part at the dealer. I puller the axle myself and 2 hours later the job was done. The alternator went out around 160,000 miles. My wife was in NYC and that was a $700 tab between towing and parts and labor. No problem since. I have notice a slight rust at buttom of front passenger door. Over all this has been a service free vehicle with no problems out of the ordinary.
I just went over 90,000 miles and am just needing to have the brakes done now. I've replaced the wiper blades, but I live in Minnesota where the winters are notoriously hard on wiper blades. The only thing that bothers me about the vehicle is the road noise, which I understand they corrected on newer models. I for one am very sad that Mercury is being phased out. I think it's been an excellent brand.
I've changed my oil and rotated my tires every 5,000 miles, my tires every 55,000 miles and have just hit 135,000 miles and I now need new front brakes and rotors.
The tail lights stopped working, but the dash instrumentation said all the lights were working properly. The dealer checked it out and said I needed to replace a $400 computer.
The heated seat caused a small burn hole in drivers seat