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2011 Mercury Grand Marquis owners review and rate their 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis.

2011 Mercury Grand Marquis (4 Reviews)
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We bought this car in late 2010 now have 73,000 miles lots of spacious and rides like sitting on a couch. Only problems had out the car be brakes went at 23,000 miles and passenger window regulator wouldn't roll down but at time still had extended warranty. Gets 25 MPG and 452 Miles to Empty wish the car had navigation but it's a great large full size yacht always take trips down to VA and D.C very quiet driving the car. I wouldn't trade the car anytime sooner like the controls and digital dashboard is best. Grand Marquis has excellent handling the engine is definitely more powerful than ever absolutely loving this car. Overall though these cars are discontinued forever will keep this car until hits 400,000 miles love extra room fits six passengers even driven other people on long rides to Manhattan everyone rode in this car truly loved the Grand Marquis this car has got low maintenance and scheduled oil changes does well in snow I replaced ALL SEASON TIRES after first bought the vehicle. Believe rather keep my Grand Marquis than driving a Toyota or Honda plus any vehicle out there we are middle aged people in our mid 40s but my parents drove large yachts so now I grew up learning to drive in Dad's Buick even drove a 1985 Grand Marquis to college in Chicago back in the 90s loved that car all my friends made fun saying that was a grandpa's car but whenever they needed a ride they all loved it because it beat their little duke cars having more power to a V8 engine. Our 2011 is very reliable have another friend who lives in Boston bought a 2011 used in 2013 he loves as well even both of us always chat on Facebook saying how we rather drive these cars than small vehicles because they are the safest he added a dual flow master exhaust pipes and tinted the windows but his wife doesn't like the vehicle which she owns a BMW but she doesn't complain when needed more room for their children driving to school or etc. I love this car will always drive it until it dies on me we also bought a 2015 GMC Yukon Denali wife SUV but use when taking longer trips across the U.S but drive Grand Marquis around town or short trips it's a great car.
I brought my used 2011 when it had 24000 miles on it...the second day the transmission when crazy...the dealer rebuilded the transmission from scratch...adn it runs problems out of it but power locks stop working caued previous owner put fold on fuse which cause it to stop working. i used to get 16 mph until i kept the oil changed now i get 24-28 mph with new oil change of which i used Dura-Lube additive. I plan on keeping it awhile great car for the dollar....
I have 33,xxx on my car. It has an extremely strong exhaust smell. I have also had problems with the door locks on the driver's door making funny noises, as if the actuator continues to pop 5 or 6 times after the door actually locks. But this problem has seemed to stop on it's own *fingers crossed*. Since there is warranty left, I am going to get her checked out. Also, she is a real gas hog. Going from an SUV I thought I would be getting a LITTLE better mpg. But I am getting 4-6 mpg less than the SUV, consistently. Around 15 mpg to be precise, all city driving. Over all I like my car. 2011 was the last year it was offered, so I will drive it until the wheels fall off. Let's just hope that isn't too soon.
I have a 2011 Black Mercury Grand Marquis and has 46K miles and no maintenance has been put on it except for oil changes and tire rotation. I can achieve up to 25 MPG and 451 Miles to Empty in the Spring and Summer. This fits me perfectly and it's very comfortable. The only problems I have is the washer fluid sensor is bad and the right rear door has a broken door actuator which means it won't lock or unlock the door. But, I have to say that this Grand Marquis is the last real Car I'll ever have when I trade it in for a F-Series Truck 15 years from now.