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2010 Mercury Grand Marquis (3 Reviews)
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The "Panther platform" is a tough one. I purchased this vehicle as my "retirement car". Not so sure if it was a good choice now. It had 38K miles on it when purchased as a used rental. I like to do as many of my maintenance chores as I can. Shortly after I took delivery the trunk light warning wouldn't go off unless I shut the trunk lid numerous times. After that happened several times: the latch came apart and the lid would no longer stay shut. I purchased a new latch assembly from the dealership for $140.00. Replacement was an easy chore. St 40K miles the AC went out. The dash controller was the culprit. By the time I got thru getting jammed by Enterprise $350.00 for 2 days rental and $400.00 for the repair, plus lost time at work: I was out almost $1,000.00 because of inferior factory parts. Then I had problems with the interior lights. After trouble shooting it became obvious the LCM was defective because Ford used the cheapest relays they could get their hands on for the LCM. Now fuse #18 (interior lights) keeps blowing because of a possible short I can't track down. Getting automotive electrical problems fixed can be VERY expensive. I, honestly, don't know if this vehicle is worth it any more. With 59K miles on it: the leather on the driver side, seat cushion is already worn thru in one spot! The Ford version, Crown Vic, was popular for law enforcement. I figured it was a sound decision, at the time. They had loads of them in the service department every time I went there. What I learned, too late, was they were not there for routine maintenance, but for electrical problems. The sheriffs department jumped ship from Ford and has gone with General Motors when the Crown Vic was discontinued. The Police department went with the Taurus and the officers HATE it because it's hard to get out of the vehicle because the door opening is much smaller than the Crown Vic. I should have gone with Toyota or Subaru.
trunk light/indicator malfunction, it shows trunk open even wen trunk is is frustrating.and sometimes the trunk doesn't close in one try, again very frustrating and sometimes embarrassing.
a great car, have owned 4 previous year same car.
one problem...trunk open light comes on when trunk is shut.
have to reshut lid 2 or 3 times to stop it.