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2006 Mercury Grand Marquis (8 Reviews)
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When I put mt brakes on the car seems to speed up
The lights go on without turning them on and when I shut off the car they pop on or stay on for 1/2 hour or more. They have come on and gone off while driving. I had it back to the dealership and it happend to them and they finally siad they fixed it after about a week there. They had a specialist check it out. After I had it home about 6 months it started again when I returned it to Holman they said it was due to an after market remote being installed. NOT SO because it happend before I had the remote start installed and I had it done by a certified company who do most of the large dealerships work. They refused to repair it and then Holman wouldn't repair it. Now I am on my 4th battery in as many years and I AM DISGUSTED. Out of Warranty and out of PATIENCE> My car has 36,000 original miles and it is babied so I know we take great care of it but I HATE IT NOW AND CAN'T WAIT TO GET RID OF IT>>>
2006 Mercury Grand Marquis. 45k miles on the car and I kept getting the high beams from oncoming drivers at night. It could not handle any additional load without significant rear end squat. I installed Made in the U.S.A. replacement coil springs in the rear and what a difference. Car now has a nice rake and vast improvement in road manners. No need to fiddle with headlight adjusters now. I also had a stuck front strut at 40k miles. I replaced both struts only..Wish now that I replaced the springs as well. Been happy with the car otherwise...These items are pretty cheap if you are doing it yourself.
Many problems with the heating control system I changed it twice the first time was the heat was coming out of the ac the second time was there were no lights on the buttons. It looks like I will have to change this again for the third time there are several buttons that do not light up. again.
have a problem with airconditioner .there is a 3 minute delay for the cooling to start. it used to come on instantly also there is a high heat oder coming from the engine but cant locate the origen
The car runs great but in the 2006 model there is a glitch the automanic temp control head. This had to be changed twice. The fist time was becuase the heat was coming from the vents and the unit was not on. The second time is the lights for each button was not working, so at night time you can not see your selection.
Love the car..too bad they will no longer be making it. The EATC Module is a real stinker...$960.00 to replace it and all that is wrong is the "O" rings were cheap crap. There should be a recall on this Cheap piece of junk part.
EATC climatic control is no good! Other wise a good car.