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2005 Mercury Grand Marquis (8 Reviews)
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San Antonio Tx. August 8th.2014
My 2005 Grand Marqui has almost 40,000 miles and has been a great comfortable car. The light switch and the light modual have been replaced costing me a total of a little over $800.00. I have only had to replace the tires ONCE! I keep it serviced quite regularly.
The appearance of my car looks absolutely great! It is a black color which looks so very luxurious. When I bought it NEW, I asked for some very handsome chrome wheels and I use the best of tires.
Too bad the Grand Marquis is no longer available. I shall treasure this one to the very end. By the way, have not ever been in an accident with it............
Had problems with the lighting modual at about 45,000. (BIG $$$$) Now experiencing problems with the ac-heater fan speed control. Replaced the a/c fan motor at about 35,000 miles.

Car otherwise OK. Electrical system sucks.
light control modules for my beautiful mgm failed no headlights almost ticket. ford should recall or pay me fix it. thanks for almost giving me a stroke drivin rain snow and NIGHT gwen
Love my Grand Marquis. There is a problem with the Light Control Module which is an expensive part (around $500 to $600 + labor). Apparently this is a common problem for this car around this mileage and age (6 yrs old). Ford denies there is any problem. Found 26 complaints about this on another website. Headlights tend to turn off on their own while driving down the road.

People owning this car should be aware of the problem and be prepared for it. Headlights do come back on if you turn the headlight switch back and forth, or stop and let it cool down for a few moments.
Replaced transmission at 80,000. miles and problems with the automatic temp controls failing. Bad blower motors. Car rides nice,good pep
but has been expensive.
Car has been an electrical nightmare since day 1
trans replaced @ 131k and rack and pinion a few months later. There is a major issue with the automatic temperature control system for the air conditioning. Other than that, it is a great car. Current mileage (as of April 2010) is 222k BTW It is in service as TAXI.
This car is equal to driving as the Lincoln Towncars that I use to drive.