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2000 Mercury Grand Marquis (3 Reviews)
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This is my wife's car. She purchased it new in 2,000. Rides excellent, minimal road noise. Large interior. Normal maintenance performed. Have 140,000 miles on it currently (2015). Has run with little problems until now. The heater core needs to be replaced along with a/c compressor. Can drive it however if I use the ac or htg. we smell antifreeze. I recently received an estimate to fix these two issues, $2,300. Looking for another repair estimate currently. Hate to replace it but may have to.
I'm in my 50s and have owned 4 other vehicles over the past 35 years - all Dodge/Chrysler products - some of which were ordered factory new, some of which were used. I now drive 70 - 80 miles per day for work and have always liked the feel and comfort of full size sedans. When you've got kids, having 4 doors and lots of room is a must. I purchased my 2000 M GM LS in 2003 with 32,000 miles, it now has over 210,000. Yes, at 180,000 I had to replace the plastic intake manifold, and at 200 when one of the coils finally failed, I bit the bullet and had all the coils replaced. That was my decision, that way I only had to pay for the labor once. While those two repairs seemed like a lot at a time, I always asked myself "could I replace this car and get as good a vehicle for the cost of the repair and what I could then sell it for?" and "how many months of a new car payment does this repair represent, would it justify buying new car and making a monthly payment for the next 60 months?" The answer has always been "no". Outside of these two repairs, I've paid for routine maintenance and tires - period. It is BY FAR THE BEST car I've ever owned (we also purchased a Lincoln LS at the same time and THAT CAR had nothing but problems). It still rides as good today as the day I brought it and still averages 22-25 mpg w/8 cyclinders. I'll be driving it until the day it dies.
great car ,great hwy gas milage.ive been very happy with car