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1999 Mercury Grand Marquis (7 Reviews)
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BAD car donot buy one
Bought mine in 2009 out of an estate sale. Had 60 k EXACTLY on it. Paid $1900 (KBB trade in $3800). I do my own regular maintinence and pro mechanic for bigger stuff. Runs great, MPG 23.7 At 110k, air shocks went out. Air shock 900 with life expectancy 100k. Steel springs $1200 and life time repair. Went with steel. Front shocks made it to 140k. At 150k, lost tie rod and replaced both. At 150 K, also had simutaneous thermostat housing leak and alternator relay failure. At 150k, not garaged and no rust
I previously owned a BMW 325is before this car and like it better than the BMW. Believe it or not, the BMW was more "high maintainence". The only down side to this car is that is is not one for ice or snow. Rear wheel drive and very front heavy.
I have had this car for only 6 months and already i've had to replace my alternator, my intake manifold, and my bearing. It only has 75k miles and mechanics keep telling me "it's in great condition" but considering I've dropped more money in 6 months on fixing it than I paid I would consider it to not be in great condition. Awful gas mileage, heat takes forever to start, etc. Would not recommend to a friend.
My 1999GM-LS runs well now 140,000 miles since new. Had AC control unit, fuel pump, Idle air control valve, rotors, cracked intake manifold replaced. Recently a slight vibration developed at idle when engine is hot. Most noticeable at steering wheel. Dealer can't find fault - deemed normal? Cracked intake manifold - is bound to happen when plastic bonded to aluminum. Grade school physics tells us that metal and plastic expands and contracts differently when temperature changes. can't believe any Ford engineer could overlook this?? when the GM was designed. Perhaps the plastic manifold are designed to fail!
1999 GRMARQUI Have TEPID HEAT.. Have changed thermastat flushed out heater core Still very LOW heat
Best car I ever had (and I had over 30 so far). Bought it used with 163,000 miles, and it drives way better than anything else I know.
Got my car 2nd hand at 120,000 miles. Just got 270,000 miles on it last week, avg 550 miles a week to work and back home. THe problems i have had are cracked intake manfold (plastic), air compressor, ac/hvac control mod ($500 new, $50 savage), and need to replace rotors (still first set). One coil pack to the spark plugs went bad, still drove on 7 cylinders (till i mad to to the shop). Still avg 23 mpg. The cat is starting to go that will be expensive. I love this car wish i could get another to replace this one when it finally dies.