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1997 Mercury Grand Marquis (9 Reviews)
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Bought my Grand Marquis used 8 years ago. It's otherwise a good reliable car. This was my first car brought never had a vehicle used family members or walked wherever needed to go. I do trust my Grand Marquis know this car is very old but will require in giving lots of maintenance replace manifold intake gasket and ball joints for $40 at NAPA AUTO,) Changed plugs, air filters a new alternator along AutoZone battery had replace at the auto store. First got my car originally had 120,000 miles.,) now I've driven it at least another 30,000 miles running on orig. engine and transmission. Being that it's 18 years old the Grand Marquis really holding up extremely well. Interior and exterior almost like new absolutely love my Mercury comfortable in lots of spacious with huge trunk space. Idles up very well its gone on few trips no worries believed as long keep getting it fully serviced won't have any major issues out of it. I Love these cars so reliable and comfortable cars ever driving my super fantastic I plan on keeping this car for as long as can because it's a good large dependable vehicle ever owned. Didn't pay a note on was a free auto ride so happy that could just hope in my car turn the key and start the motor as taking off. Grand Marquis never ever suffered problems as overheating or felt I was left stranded on side of road it treated me while served me driving around where I needed to go it's a beast. If ever buy one of these would definitely recommend getting the '97 think they are best ever overall with only fewer problems will be holding tight to this car loving my smooth cruiser.
Bought 97 Marquis for son 7.5 years ago for $2700. It had 73,000 miles on it. We just sold it for $800 and it has over 248,000 miles on it. Original Engine and Original Transmission. The problems that we have had seemed to be common to everything I read on the web. We had the following.
At 143,000 miles I had to replace the manifold which is common. I bought one from rock auto and repaired myself. It cost less then $200 which included coolant change, a couple hoses and new thermostat. Haven't had a problem since.
Have had driver side power window assembly fail twice, but cheap repair, replace myself and have lifetime warranty on the part.
Biggest problem with the cars has been with ball joints, have had to replace upper and lower and tie rods. If you have a car like this and can do the work yourself it would be wise to replace the upper and lower ball joints & tie rods. For the lower purchase a control arm with the ball joint installed and it just becomes a matter of bolting everything on. You can get the control arm assembly for about $68 at Rock auto (Dorman)The upper Dorman you can get for about $43. If you hear one going bad replace all 4, front shocks, tie rod(inner and outer $56) and take it in for an alignment.
Front seatbelt buckle assembly broke. Got one at junk yard for $20.
Had a rear wheel bearing go.
Another thing about this car is that you have to change the plugs and wires every two years. At the time of sale the car with over 248,000 miles with the original transmission and engine doesn't have any codes. I have had to replace O2 sensors. One time I had the code for catalytic converter and read on the internet could be an oxygen sensor and that is what it was. Car has original exhaust is still quiet. I did replaced a couple of the rubber hangars that I was able to get from Advanced Auto. Car does not handle well in winter but rides smooth in summer. Original Air conditioner equipment is still working. Overall this car has been very cheap, Have had for 90 months and it cost $2700 - $800(sale)=$1900 That is about $21/month plus only had it insured for State minimum which was about $40 month for son. For parts and maintenance(including tires) have probably spent less then $3000. I figure our cost of ownership for everything was about $90-$100 a month not counting gas.
Have had my 1997 Grand Marquis for over 6 has 220,000 miles on it..does not use oil, run great and averages 25-27 mpg on a trip with exception of mountains....then it will average about 23 mpg..does not like 87 octane and yes, the plastic manifold cracked and set me back $1100...and of course, Ford, would not repair it...seems it should have cracked 6 months earlier...after that, I have loved the of the best I have ever had...and I own two Toyotas....they are great, but watch out under that pretty exterior, because they are rust buckets....plan on grabbing another Marquis when this down for good....I think the 2006 isn't so hot, but the 97 definitely is...........
my wife and I bought our Jade Green/tan leather Grand Marquis LS with 54,000 miles on it in about 2002. We now have close to 210,00 miles on it. Just about everything works on it and the trunk is clean as new. The only thing that has worn out is the driver's armrest. If I get time I can take the pin out that holds it in place and flip it over and you would not know there is a problem. The engine and transmission are great and I have had only one problem that could have cost over a thousand dollars but a friend and I spent almost a whole week dropping the entire dash board to get to the air plenum and change the switch that opens and closes the heating and cooling vents.
I would highly recommend this car and if I can find a nice one with under 100,000 miles, I would buy it. There is a nice one at the Gurley Leep Southside Ford store in South Bend, IN White with blue leather. Under 100K for about $6500.
It seems like the only thing I have done many times on the car is brake jobs. The only thing that has been a pain is the windshield wipers. I cannot get them to adhere to the glass and big areas are missed. I even tried the ANCO with guranteed glass contact and there was no improvement.
1997 GS 327,500 miles avg 16city/25 highway. Engine still runs strong. Just a little bit of smoke, still original engine. all the common problems which have been identified I have repaired in the past two years. I consider it part of maintenance especially with the mileage. All repairs I do myself. with the exception of control arm bushing along with new coil springs. what a difference. The cars still looks like new for factory (light gold). FYI considering from day 1 (0 miles to 270,000+ miles it was a taxi on Chicago city streets). My father took exceptional care of his car during its service years every month routine maintenance (oil, etc). Upon retirment form taxi service the car was stripped, repainted to original color and buffed. The Interior was also stripped and cleaned along with new factory carpet. Experience well mechanically maintained vehicle will last.
Hey all..My 1997 Grand Marquis is in perfect condition since i got the intake manifold set me back $800 to get it fixed but it was well worth it.At first i thought it was just running hot intill i saw smoke coming from the hood.Now its my Ac i think i need some Freon since its blowing hard hot air..Yea i dont think i would be feeling anything if my hose had a hole in it.
For all of you that think that you have a lot of life left in your 97-98 Mercury Grand Marquis just wait till the plastic intake manifold cracks. Very common problem. Makes an excellant car into a piece of junk.
This the most outstang I've ever driven.
lower ball joint broke soon after exiting the freeway,almost a wipout.