1994 Mercury Grand Marquis Reviews and Owner Comments

1994 Mercury Grand Marquis owners review and rate their 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis.

1994 Mercury Grand Marquis (4 Reviews)
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oldies but goodies run forever just change oil every three months long life
ball joint problems , put $1,500 in getting them fixed ,car wears them out in less than 10 years

getting the proper brake pads is also a issue, sence thier made in four versions police and non police version with power brakes , angled tapered pads and flat one can make the differance in wear and squeaky noise in less than 3 months. when to 4 auto stores and they all gave me conflecting data on the proper pad based on what they stock, giving me the wrong part to make a sale also poor knowledge on the versions of pads
My marquis is a mean machine, I once had her at 125mph still with a couple thousand rpms left. I change her oil every 3000 miles but still smokes when in reverse. Still, with 197000 miles on her she still can do it. She had police equipment in it, but i never seen a police interceptor grand marquis. I love my car, bottom line. Now installing a supercharge stage 2. 5.0 1994 mustang engine. Get flowmasters 40 series
My Grandma owns a 1994 Grand Marquis and I help her with it on occasion. She bought it new and it has great features considering when it was made. It has Ford's great burn me/freeze me settings on the AC/heater and the interior is quite comfortable. It's not a hot rod but the engine makes good power and has been reliable. The only problem in recent memory was an issue with the alternator bearing (replaced alternator). As a driver you feel a little disconnected from the road but that's really how the American luxury cars were in the 90s. Otherwise it handles pretty well.