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2000 Mercury Cougar owners review and rate their 2000 Mercury Cougar.

2000 Mercury Cougar (3 Reviews)
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I have a 2000 V6 Mercury Cougar and it is the biggest death trap I have ever seen in my life! To be honest, I cant even find an owners manual on it online or at any autozone. I have replaced the transmission, gotten the exhaust fixed twice because everything rusts out on it. My gas tank is being held up by a ratchet strap because the metal holding that up rusted off too. I have replaced all of the wheel bearings and 2 rear struts. Just replaced the sway bars the other day. Replaced my alternator twice. Had to rip out my ABS because the front breaks were breaking at different speeds and it would have cost more to fix than the cars worth. This car will not even turn over if it is below freezing outside. I replaced the stock radio because that completely took a dive as well. My driver side seat does not pull forward to let someone sit in the back. My accesory lights as well as my headlights fade and dim rapidly. And lets not even talk about that flimsy CUP HOLDER that snapped off waaay back when. I have been stranded many many times in this stupid cheaply made car. Or maybe I just bought I car that was sunk under water for a year. The only thing I like about it is its tight steering. But thats not much of a reason to buy a car now is it.
i have had my 2000 cougar since it came out, when i was young i drove it hard and raced it all stock, now i use it as a daily driver, and only one thing has went out on my thats the passenger side window controller, fantastic car to have.
I bought this car at 112,000 miles. I absolutely love it. It is very dependable, comfortable, drives wonderfully. I have had no real problems with the car. I will drive it till it dies!