1996 Mercury Cougar Reviews and Owner Comments

1996 Mercury Cougar owners review and rate their 1996 Mercury Cougar.

1996 Mercury Cougar (3 Reviews)
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I owe a 1996. And it's a good sturdy car. But I just had to replace the whole transmission, new battery, new brakes and 4 new tires. I only had it for about a year, and the older women who had it before me only drove it around town. I have already put more into it then I paid for it. Although I have bought a new car, I still keep this one for emergencies. Since I got the repairs, it doesn't run the same anymore. It's a good car, just not my first choice.
CAr runs fine while idleing and you can even drive it as long as you excelerate slowly.if you press the gas pedal to go faster the car boggs down and has extremly low power. has all new spark plug,wires and air filter.we had a mechanic ? look at it and he said all catalatic converters were stopped up so I unbolted the exhaust from the car and stll bogged down every time the gas was pressed. do you have ant suggestions on what to check next
i love my car. its so relaiable. i rather drive it than drive one of the new models. never had no serious problems with my baby.