1994 Mercury Cougar Reviews and Owner Comments

1994 Mercury Cougar owners review and rate their 1994 Mercury Cougar.

1994 Mercury Cougar (4 Reviews)
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I need help on find air condtioner filter on it recharged it but the filter is plug can't find it does anyone know where it is.I love my car too.
Engine blows head gasgets around 100,000. Transmissions acts like you go over speed bumps. Change trans.oil and aid slick 50 will fix problem. Trans downshifts at strange time. Speed sensor on outside transmission goes bad. $200 part on dealer. Suggest go to pick a part and buy a couple for $5. 15 minute job to replace. 94 car had a mechanical update. Most very bad. Buy you a 93 same body better 83 mechanics and more reliable.
What about the trans. I have a '94 Merc. Cougar and the tran. will drop back a gear or two when in Drive....Help Me....
it is an incredible car, I had to have it.

I was looking for a new car, when I saw the 1994 Cougar, it was, in my eyes, the best looking car in the lot, among all 2007 models.

At it has been a total pleasure driving it around...excellent. I do not want to have any other type of car.
I sold all my other cars , for I only want to drive my Cougar.