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1993 Mercury Cougar (4 Reviews)
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I just got a used 1993 Cougar & it was sold to me by the 1st original owner who has kept it in meant condition with only 95.000 mile on it. It had been kept in a garage with a cover over it so it's nice inside & out. But it has a few problems with it & I'm not sure how to get it fixed. The drivers side window doesn't work & the gas gage is stuck on full so we have no idea how much gas is in it. Because the car is so old I don't even know if it's possible to get the window & gas gage fixed or not but it's a real deal breaker on whether or not I keep the car because I have to have those things fixed. I just don't know where to take it to get it fixed or buy the parts & have it fixed.
It's the light switch itself that you pull out to turn your lights on. Change it out from a junkyard one and you'll be fixed.
I have a 1993 mercury cougar xr7. my dashboard lights and tail lights just recently went out, all my other lights work perfectly fine. i've checked the all the fuses and bulbs. Any suggestions on what it could be or how to fix it?
I bought the XR-7 built to my specifications brand new. It has given me good service over the past 16 years. My annual costs for fuel and maintenance were about $6,000/year until this year. Time finally caught up to the vehicle and I had to have the transmission overhauled at something over 131,000 miles. The odometer died at 131,501 and can't be replaced according to the FMC folks. The remote and alarm functions of the security system bit the dust, but the rest of the system appears to work okay. There have been no major problems over the years and I have been quite happy with my car. Too bad the Ford Motor Company (FMC) no longer makes cars like this and no one else seems to make them at the right price either.