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1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 (3 Reviews)
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Ok. I have to brag about my car. I've never thought of buying a Mercedes but my 2000 Ford Explorer XLT is giving me problems. I recently turned 46 and thought of getting a convertible. I test drove one of the convertible BMW(can't recall model/series) but it handle not too shabby. I asked the used car dealer to show me anothe convertible. He showed me this car and i fell immediately in love with it. I asked him what year, 1998. How many miles 39,000(YES, 39K), and how much($9,995) I said seriously, what is wrong with the car? He said NOTHING and told me a doctor always garaged it. He sold it to the dealership 3 days before. I purchased mine the day after i saw it.

Ok. You all probably think that the car odometer has been rolled back and that there is NO WAY a 1998 SLK230 would only have 39K miles on it. I did a Kelly Blue Book report and it showed 18 miles when it was delivered to the dealership from factory, 39K miles when i purchased it on April 3, 2012.

Only problem with the car was that the two cylinder of the trunk has to be replaced since it won't stay up. Other than that she is a beauty in EXCELLENT shape. No scratch or anything wrong with the car. Yes, there are small scratches inside the car but NO ONE believe me when i told them it is a 1998 with only 39K miles on it.

Yesterday, April 5 2012, I recently did a Maintenance B service and the transmission service done because it's due for a 45K tune up. Cost me $800 but that is the price you pay for a luxury car and I won't have to do another Maintenance(A)til the next 36,000 miles or 3 years.

Must be my lucky weekend because I went to the casino the day after this maintenance was done and won $500 so I only paid $300 for the tune up. :-)

I've gotten soooo many compliments with this car and very impress with it.

Having problems with the alarm system otherwise runs like new!
This is preliminary due to the fact I had a prior owner that didn't show it much love - I have a little making up to do and discovery of what she needs for love at this point! All in all solid, good car!