2012 Mercedes-Benz S550 Reviews and Owner Comments

2012 Mercedes-Benz S550 owners review and rate their 2012 Mercedes-Benz S550.

2012 Mercedes-Benz S550 (4 Reviews)
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Purchased 2012 S-550 with 18,000 miles within first month had stall converter replaced in transmission and speaker replaced. Car pulls to right and back tires need replaced every 10,000 miles. At 40,000 had to replace front rotors and brake pads. Very happy with cars performance but replacing tires every 10,000 miles and having to replace brakes at 40,000 is upsetting.
My first Mercedes. a 2012 S550. cars pulls bad to the right. Thought is would be a tire or alignment problem. Was told they all did that, and there was no adjustment to correct it. I did search the internet and found out Mercedes does make a factory repair kit called a caster bolt kits that does allow the caster adjustment. It was installed on my car and did help some, but had to replace both front tires in 10k miles due to wash out on the tread. The dealer had me sign a form that stated i was aware the vehicle was not within specifications. I could go on about other things, but you get to point.
I bought my 2012 S550 on Oct 2012 and noticed the car was pulling to the right while driving on a flat road. I took the car to dealership to fix this alignment problem three times and the problem was not completely fixed. Last time when I brought the car back to dealership, the shop foreman told me that all S550s have the same problem that pull to the right. He even let me test drive another new S550 in which I experienced it pull to the right worse than my S550. I am wondering are other 2012 S550 owners experience the same problem.
500 miles into the new benz and now the engine light comes on -__- i thought european cars were good