2002 Mercedes-Benz S430 Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Mercedes-Benz S430 owners review and rate their 2002 Mercedes-Benz S430.

2002 Mercedes-Benz S430 (4 Reviews)
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Really I am not from Washington DC but Bishops Bridge NSW Australia.2325.
Only way I could get to say my piece.
My 2000 S430 is the most comfortable and luxurious car I have been in and I get chauffeured from airport to the Casino every second weekend in all makes of limos, that does not mean I am RICH.
I have difficulties in Australia with support as you can imagine there are comparatively few S430 Mercs on our roads.
I also have problems with the PLASTIC below the drivers seat that needs to be replaced. Where can I get a replacement, I don't mind paying freight from the USA. I may even visit Vegas again to pick it up. Love my Merc. Roger.
I have replaced the plastic that surrounds the bottom of the seats twice because they crack and the compartment under the seat for storage has no support, so it just hangs to the floor. I hear that's chronic. I have had problems with the front end and suspension. My rear window keeps letting down when I crank the car. My engine is ticking loud enough for you to wonder if I have oil or need it changed. The first 8 years were glorious, but I have to car shop, now. I had planned on never giving it up, but lately $3500 within 3 months has changed my mind. This is my third and only Mercedes that I have had this much trouble with.
This model, like all MBs, are pieces of garbage. Also owned a C-Class. Continuous failures which include repeated failures: Airmatic, front end rebuilding issues, numerous electrical failures.
These cars are poorly engineered, designed to be cost prohibitive.
i has a 02 mercedes benz left side stay low drive loose i change the 2 front suspension strut and the spring link still drive loose on the road