2011 Mercedes-Benz R350 Reviews and Owner Comments

2011 Mercedes-Benz R350 owners review and rate their 2011 Mercedes-Benz R350.

2011 Mercedes-Benz R350 (2 Reviews)
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I am actually in Canada near Toronto but the site wanted a US Zip code.

This is my second one. The first one was a 2006 that I traded in 2011 with 175km on it. Both are excellent cars. I agree the front end is too low as I have had to repair the bumper as well. The car is super comfortable, hugs the road very well - especially on a long trip, the seats are superb.

The biggest problem that I have is the dealer network. They verge on the criminal. Dealer routinely lie about repairs and overbill like crazy. I have now found a former Mercedes mechanic who has his own shop and I will take it to him for service.

My neighbour bought 2 Mercedes on my recommendation and came to me almost in tears after a couple of years of dealing with Mercedes dealerships.

I love the car and get a combined 10L/100 km (diesel) in mixed driving. Pretty good for a big car. Because of the dealer issues I think my next car will be something else. We'll see as I plan to keep this one til it hits 300,000 km.
The front end is so low to the ground every time I go in a drive way or out the bumper comes off?? Does anyone else have this problems>