2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430 Reviews and Owner Comments

2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430 owners review and rate their 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430.

2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430 (3 Reviews)
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I have a 2000 ML430 & live in the Midwest this is the best winter vehicle I have ever driven I was low on cash & couldn't afford a new set of rubber before winter of 2010 & it was a bad & snowy/ice-y winter with half bald tires I never once got stuck with the 4wl drive I would drive by new "suvs" with 4-wheel drive stuck in a 1/2 a foot of snow I could go uphills with not problem a little hesitation but never stuck & I'm talking 13' of snow a few times & half bald tires folks....I was amazed I have around 175k miles on it now the engine is a beast and the thirsty V8 moves it quickly when you punch the gas it doesn't hesitate to move. Now the bad no matter what pads I put on it the brakes squeak all the time even if they are new, so many little things go wrong with it like my abs went out for the dealer to replace quoted a price of $2300-engine light comes on all the time for various reasons was told my the dealer it was due to a sensor $750 repair-my heated seat has a spot that feels as if it will burn the skin of my hind parts if on high-my fm radio doesn't work any longer was told my a friend that the fm-doo-hickey mite have gone out I have had to replace the power winder motor 2x on the drivers door. The cheap looking plastic cover on the bottom of the drives seat is cracked & broken the list goes on & on the car is paid for so I plan to keep it running but won't fix anything that is not vital I hate not having ABS but the brakes work good w/o it I really dislike the mpg of 15 city 20hwy premium it kills my wallet but overall I plan to hang on to it for a while
i love my ml430 no probs people who dont like ltem should by jap crap or yank junk
Way too many problems for the 50K plus I paid for it brand new in 2001. Two ignition key failures, my cost $800.00, two power window failures, my cost $300.00, Brakes replaced twice in 81K miles, once with all four rotors replaced my cost $500.00 - I purchased Napa pro-Quiet and they outlast Mercedes OEM by three-five time the mileage, Fuel gage has failed and I'm looking forward to spending a Saturday replaced the unit, A/C went out and had it recharged my cost$165.00, Replaced the tires twice at $250.00 a corner with Michelin Latitude and they last approximately 50K miles, bottom line this is my first and last mercedes a Piece of Junk!