1999 Mercedes-Benz ML430 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Mercedes-Benz ML430 owners review and rate their 1999 Mercedes-Benz ML430.

1999 Mercedes-Benz ML430 (6 Reviews)
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Update to San Ramon visitor - I now have 240,000 miles on my ML430. In the last year - new engine mounts, new transmission mount, new water pump,new v-belts (2x), new timing case cover and gasket to stop oil leak, new oil fill gasket to stop oil leak, another set of Kumho tires (excellent tires 60,000 miles on the last set). Transmission fluid changes at 220K (last change was at 105K). I have a condition where the low coolant light comes on at low speeds. I believe it is the auliliary water pump ($200 for the part). Every morning when I leave for work there is a small amount of coolant on the ground. At low speed the light comes on. At highway speed the light stays off. Despite all of the problems, I think I can make it to 400K miles. It still looks great when washed and waxed. I still would only rate my ML 430 3 stars. If I make it to 300K miles, I'll bump it up to 4 stars.
I love my 1999 ML 430 ! You're right about the cost to keep maintenance but I do most of the work myself! I've been performing mechanics on all vehicles purchased as well as serviced elsewhere. It's more fun if know what your'e doing! I'm keeping it as long as I can!

Retired Military!
I bought my 199 ML430 4 years ago, with only 53,000. With low mileage, great looks, and 3rd row seats, I felt it was an excellent family car. After owning it for less than a year, I had oil leaks, check engine light turning on,suspension problems, car was not starting and had to have all fuse box changed, after heavy storm, wind shield wipers couldn't work, coolant pump replaced, the list goes on and on. I can't remember all of my problems. Now on the 4th year, coolant is leaking. This car is a money pit and I would not recommend it to anyone.
i own this truck since 2005 .nice looking but is too eexpensive to care .oil liking sensor problems i dont know .even the dealer in paramus the service has been failed
I love the drive and I love the comfort and protection it provides, but quite a few recalls, but no regrets.
May 8, 2010 - I purchased a 99 ml430 in January 2005 with 100,000 miles on it. Current, I have 208,000 miles on it. Since then I have replaced the Harmonic Balancer (recall), the mufflers (recall) and the power steering pump ($1400), the MFA ($249), the CSP ($500) and the brakes ( seems like every 45,000), two sets of tires. I am ready for my third set of tires and brakes, the power window circuit board $200), new engine pulley ($400). Overall, I would rate this vehicle only 3 stars.