2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320 owners review and rate their 2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320.

2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320 (2 Reviews)
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I have mercedes ml 320 2003 . i have problem while i drive the car the car lost the power i mean when i push down the gas pedal nothing happens its take about 3 to 5 second to get the power again, the problem come once or twise aweek.
I send the car to the dealer and they did the diagnos and replace the first time the throttel pedal sensor, and i still have the same problem and the second time they replace the air flow sensor ( mass flow sensor) and i still have the same problem,the third time they told me at the throttel pedal sensor that they replaced are defected and will replacet again and they did ........but i still have the same problem ..can somebody tell what is the problem

I love the car is strong and powerful but is a real pain, sensor go out shift control etc. Every other month look like a Christmas the dash board, no saying the brake switch the I have one on the glove box, I want to tell you the I had the has bean tow, and not only ones.