2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 owners review and rate their 2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320.

2000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 (8 Reviews)
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We bought our ML brand new. Spent many weekends at dealer and TLC after warranty expired. First set of Dublop tires lasted 20K and driver seat heater overheated. I replaced windows switch twice, two door lock actuators, crank position sensor, transmission connector and power steering hose gasket. There seems to be a minor drain on the battery that I have to replace battery every three years. ML now has 140K which is very low compared to my Toyotas. To be an owner you either have tons of money or be a DIYer. this is an SUV that drives well but needs constant attention.
Dont recommend buying one it's a money pit 3 fuel pumps installed problems with door locks,power window switches,had replace radiator due to cheap plastic part.ars,esp,and lights just came on problems with A/C.can't wait to dump this money pit.161,000 miles
320 k miles now!! ---good in snow and ice, nothing ever wrong, purchased with 40k, one sensor light always on but 22-23 mpg.
it needs cat converter now, only work ever needed.

interior has worn well. no head room if over 6ft 1 or so but
a beast in the wet and snow. almost the match of chevy crew cab in snow.
Bought used because it fit my bikes. Loved it..and interior fold flat seats and low range 4wd, but never used it, sadly. Didn't take it offroading, gas tank straps were vulnerable. Love the way it drives and parks.. very nimble in snow. However, I learned to absolutely fear repairs. I didn't like Volvo repair prices and Mercedes was double! Wow...I make good money but not that good. Make sure you earn $200,000/year and live modestly with 2 kids...I rarely made much over $125 and thought the maintenance expensive. I knew the car had reliability issues...the size and price was OK. I went to a dealer once or maybe twice for recalls. The mercedes specialist wasn't much better. They all wanted tons of money. I had on a list to fix a tiny oil leak I never even saw in 10 years. Tiny. Finally went to a good import generalist. Maybe I should have used dealer and paid $$$ would have been alive today. Saved $7k in repairs but lost $5k in sale. It never burned oil between changes...not a bit...maybe part of a quart down. Probably leaked because of synthetic oil. The engines were supposedly German. The exhaust system wasn't. Use dino oil, wont't escape cracks. Several times center driveshaft bracket bearing failed, AC radiator rusted. I finally sold car for $1500 because rust attacked lower passenger doors, front end repairs, maintence. My bad...Chicago car...and salt. We need cathodic protection!
You have no business buying a vehicle like this unless you have a lot of extr4a cash. It's a bouncy ride. The dealership is a rip off, as they all are. Parts are exorbitant. The need for hi test negates any cost-saving measures. And there are so maNY better vehicles you can get for much less money.
This is a great car. But there is a little problem with the AC and we have to recharge it. Where is the ac gauge so i can recharge it?
I love my ML320! First of all the leather interior is beautiful and has held up nicely with kids and dogs :). Secondly it has never broken down on me. I have had to do some minor but expected repairs, and its been a great car. It does take synthetic oil but you only have to change the oil every 12,000 miles so it doesn't cost any more than changing a regular car every 3,000-5,000, andf it saves time since you dont have to go in so much. The most important thing though is that the weight over 6000 lbs can be a tax deduction since i use mine for work it s sweet and its strength is great in an accident my car was rear ended in a multi car accident on the 5-14 split it had only a few scrathces where as the other car (I was hit and hit a car) was crumpled. It is very safe, I LOVE IT!
At 185,000 miles it's now worthless. We spent a small fortune in repairs over the lifetime - should have gone 225,000 to justify the expenses. The engine runs great but every other part seems to be broken. Given the level of care we gave to the car and the constant repairs (something like 50 repair tickets the first 100,000) it wasn't as good a value as 185,000 miles implies. However, the ML was great in the snow - especially safe going over CO mountain passes and worth the money to protect teenage drivers caught in bad conditions.