1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 owners review and rate their 1999 Mercedes-Benz E320.

1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 (8 Reviews)
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Paid 2500 for it. I've had it almost three years all I've had down is replacement of lower front control arm and bought a battery. Love it rides great. Air condition didn't work when I got it but the heat is a beast and the ride is so smooth even at 120 mph
My 1999 Mercedes engine will not turn over, battery is good where is the starter on this engine, E320 matic
When I stop at stop sign or give way. my car doesn't move when its time to go. It takes a couple of seconds despite hitting the accelerator all the way down.
it is my dream car love it
I purchased my car from a person who had meticoules record keeping on repairs and kept the car immaculate. I purchased it in 2008 with only 70,000 mi. So far I've only changed to AMG rims with Nittos 255x40x18 performance tires. Other than regular maintenance this AC evaporator temp sensor has been the only problem so far.I took it to the shop and they couldnt figure it and was going to do a electrical check because the compressor wasnt kicking in. But me being a nut about googling and researching found how to read the error codes and figured it out. Knock on wood. lol My next purchase will be in the E series again.

I own 320 in 1999 gasoline. Great car by all accounts a strong reliable and elegant. Very reasonable fuel consumption 1:11 wake road. Maintenance does not happen at all. You can obtain spare parts for cheap and high availability. A lot more new European equal. Car monster.
have a "99 e320-4matic purchased new now with 111k miles. minor repairs but overall a great car-excellent handling/ride 30 mpg hwy. great in the snow. window regulators all have been replaced both rears 2x each. hade to fight with the local dealer to replace 2nd time out of warr.
I've had a '99 E320 4 Matic for 5 years and love it. Safe, comfortable ride in all kinds of weather and keeps its finish. Regular maintenance with no major problems. Have the occasional oil leak which is common. Great car.