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1997 Mercedes-Benz E320 (4 Reviews)
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Bought this 1997 E-320 only 67 K always covered excellent condition
Somehow it has a short that burns the fuse when trying to put it in gear. The fuse that controls the dash gages (gas,speedometer, engin idle,etc) and it says CHECK ENGIN.
The radio and the A.C. work and it rides good other than all the gages out.
My mechanic has no clue
Is it the transmission sensor?
Any clues?
Purchased used E320 with 110k miles with known maintenance history. Transmission locked up into limp home mode due to faulty ECM inside transmission, which I learn later is a common fault with this particular transmission. Find repair procedures online and replace faulty component which fixes problem, but confidence in car lost, as any hickup in electronic sensors associated with transmission locks trans into 2nd gear, making for a long drive home at 25 MPH. Wish they had a manual over ride. Also, the little console control switches break easily.
What should it cost to replace ac condenser unit in a 1997 E320 Mercedes-Benz?
We have 1997 E320 wtih 300+K miles. Very happy, as it is one of the best and most dependable car.
Basic maintance:
1) Change oil (Castrol 10W-30 or 10W-40) + Bosch oil filter every 10,000 miles.
2) Clean K&S air filter very 20K or as needed
3) Replace differential oil - Castrol 85W90 every 50K
4) Replace Bosch fuel filter every 25K-50K
5) Brake flush with Castrol Dot 4 - 50K
6) Radiator/collant flush 50K
7) Transmission oil/filter - 100K
8) Replaced Flex disc on drive line at 300K