2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 owners review and rate their 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK500.

2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 (3 Reviews)
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Bought this car 4 1/2 years ago and it had 50K miles, since then I have put another 80K on it. I love the way it drives and it still looks almost knew. Just polished it and it really pops! is uncanny how I have had the same issues that have shown up on this site. Stepper motor arm is broken (5 clicks on start up every time for a few minutes), haven't repaired it yet. Head rest wouldn't work properly because of seat controls under passenger seat, fixed it. Passenger headlight doesn't come on all the time ( about 95%), and it usually takes several seconds to come on. Trunk brake light just fell out! Replaced it. Transmission module had to be replaced ($1,200), was told it was a common problem but MB wouldn't do a recall. Tires don't last! I buy high priced Michelins with a high mileage rating, but because they are low profile and on an MB, Michelin cuts the mileage rating in half. Usually get about 20K on my tires. But I like the car and will probably keep it for awhile longer as long as it doesn't need a major repair.
I have own the coupe for 5+ years w/106k miles.

Under factory warranty repair, Key fob transmitter replaced, Passenger side seat control unit replace, Valve cover gasket replaced, 3rd brake light fell off from slamming the trunk to hard, (16) Spark plug and wire due to vehicle shakiness (did not solve it), Exhaust manifolds replace due to vehicle shakiness (did not solve it)
Not under factory warranty repair.
A/C Flap Actuator (stepper motor), Transmission front seal, Bump stop, Serpentine belt, Pulley replace (forgot witch one), 3rd brake (stop working), Crankshaft sensor was replace at 50k miles, Upper and lower control arm, Drive shaft flex plate
Brake maintenance
Front brakes replace every 2 years, Rear brakes Never changed them
I did the transmission fluid with new filter/gasket at 95k miles.
I still have to do the following maintenance.
(16) Spark plugs, wires, coil pack (I have the parts)
Power steering fluid, Coolant fluid, Brake fluid, Bushing due to squeaking suspension......

The vehicle shakes a little while idling. I'm changing all (8) coil packs and hope it will solve it. Wiper blades you have to go thru Mercedes.
This car is an electical piece of cr*p. Its had all kinds of electrical issues - sensors going bad, SRS light always coming on when its not supposed to, warning that lights are out when they are not, etc. Ah, and the CD changer broke at 45,000 miles. I can't believe how much time and energy I've had to waste on this thing. Its my first and last Mercedes.

That said, no engine problems or AC or exhaust problems of any kind. The AC controls are ridiculous though, a total pain to operate.

That said, the interior is great (except for some premature yellowing of hard plastic around the door latches on the inside and some peeling of the brightwork around the vents)

It drives well and has great engine sound, good pickup for a super heavy car (the convertible I think is like 5000 lbs).

I bought it 3 years old and the steering wheel leather was all worn and nasty, got that replaced for $800, Mercedes would not cover it under warranty.

I've heard Mercedes quality has improved, I hope so. I've had more problems in 2 years with this car than I had in 10 years with a Geo, Ford and Saab.