1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 owners review and rate their 1999 Mercedes-Benz C280.

1999 Mercedes-Benz C280 (8 Reviews)
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I bought this car with 67000 miles I so love it only one problem I had oxygen serson I changed for $103 that's all the car really safe and smooth and fast for 185 HP only .
Brakes kind of hard probably all Mercedes the same .

Thank you
1999 MB C280 with 108k miles. Great car. Bought it from the original owner in Central Florida. I've had over 20+ Mercedes, and will NOT drive anything else. Prior to my purchase of the 1st generation (W202) C class, I was skeptical, since all I've owned were E, S and SL class Mercedes. I took a chance on this "C" class. And, WOW!!! I am quite impressed, especially for a 15 year old car!! With some minor routine DIY repairs, and of course, doing the 100k mile service to the car, I am impressed! It handles and drives great! Almost as well as my E420 and my 560SEL. Its a nice, sporty small car, and looks are deceptive!!! A HUGE trunk, and will carry four passengers comfortably. It gets great MPG, is a great highway cruiser or daily commuter car. My only issue is the "bio-degradable" wiring DB used in the headlights, and some other places in the car during those years, so be sure to check out any exposed wires to make sure the insulation is not cracking. A good example is The wiring inside my headlights had cracked due to both the hot Florida climate and age, but thats to be expected, and an easy fix. Find a Chevy, Ford or other American or Jap crap with these minimal issues and similar age. I expect to drive this until the wheels fall off!! If you want to get your first Mercedes, and cannot afford an "E" or "S" class, check out the entry level W202 body C280 "C" class. As long as it's not rusted or have had any previous accidents, and has been maintained, expect a great car at a reasonable price that will long outlast anything years newer. So, don't pass up a nice "C" class, especially if you find an exceptionally clean one like mine. No regrets.
I got this car new and have never sorry. I love it and after warranty expired I cannot think of any major repairs I have had to make--just the usual maintenance upkeep. Love my little car and it is the most comfortable car to drive on long trips.
How do you spell B-U-L-L-E-T-P-R-O-O-F ???
Never had a better car and believe me I have had many.
At 215,000 miles (and had it since 30,000) and it has never put a foot wrong. Economical, reliable, comfortable, really well-built inside and out. Great engine.
Here is the COMPLETE list of non-routine repairs we have made to it:
- Aircon compressor
- 02 sensor (maybe 2)
- Water pump
- Some auto transmission issue during the warranty.
The only criticisms: The not so great radio reception and the electrical style accelerator linkage that makes a different feel to mechanical type.
Other MB's have been great too but this beats those and the MANY other cars we have had.
Don't listen to wannabe mercedes owners, this car is cheaper to maintain than most american or jap cars. The down time is so minimal you forget going to mechanic. If you have common sense a bit of desire to fix it and 20 bucks to get an online subscription you are set. I almost forgot try to stay away of dealers with the exception of the diagnostic and for that I highly recommend going to dealer. in 6 years I put 90k miles on my C280 Sport and spent almost 2000$ all together (minus tires and oil change but those are common sense). The MPG hwy is 29 and city 23. I couldn't ask for more from any car, anyway ..if you want a good TV set get a Jap one if you want a real car get a German one ...and if you want a great burger go to Wendy's.
Great Car, Milleage, Driving, But Expensive to keep it Like a Brand New. IF YOU RICH WANNABE DON'T BUY IT!!! It will cost your salary.
I am very disappointed with Mercedes-Benz, my clear coat and the bumper is peeling all over the car. I called the dealer in Wilmington De, they informed me that the paint was under warranty for only one year. They talked to me like I was nothing because the car is a 1999, i understood when i purcahsed this car that Mercedes would stand behind their cars. Not this time, and I will never go back.
It will cost me $5k to get this car painted, I as a single woman who invested in what I thought was a safe and well built car is now driving around in a MERCEDES with PAINT PEELING front and back.
the seats work when they want to , the gas hand drops when it wants to and the side panel seems to be rusting. When i take my car to body shops they ask if the car has been in a wreck and if Mercedes will honor the paint warranty. I'm disappointed and i will never purchase another mercedes or recommend the cars to anyone. They are only good to lease!!!
I absolutely love this car ~ i have had it for about 5 years and can say that its a very reliable car. Very expensive to fix things but all in all its definitely worth it.