2005 Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC owners review and rate their 2005 Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC.

2005 Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC (5 Reviews)
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I will write the following in capital letters to really drive the point home.


I bought a 2005 MB c240 4matic with 41k on it. Keeler MB sold it to me with a bent rim, a bad transmission seal, and they never changed the oil. The car has been a nightmare! I contacted MB USA and they did not even return an email or phone call.

My advice to anyone looking to buy a Mercedes Benz is, DON'T!
Especially from KEELER MB.
As I aged, I've dreamed of buying a car that would last and grow old with me. That's why I first purchased a Mercedes C240 in 2003. Within 18 months it had twenty-eight, yes 28 repairs, ranging from fuel gauge malfunctions to a myriad of other annoying problems; reluctantly, the service center was my second home. I traded it in, not because of the astonishing number of horrific breakdowns and repairs, but because with the first snowfall, the car became a serious threat to my life and the lives of others in its path. I know how to drive and brake slow and steady in snow - I learned in Montreal - but this car could not keep a straight line on any road with an inch of snow. (On one snowy road, the car did a spontaneous, uncontrolled white knuckle 360 spin, missing an oncoming by 30 feet). Our slick M-B salesman told me that the 2005 model 4-WD had corrected all these issues and would be reliable and rock solid. I fell for the pitch, hanging on to my dream. At first my only problem was replacing 8, yes eight tires within 18 months, until I wised up and bought Michelines far from the dealer. Then a few failed headlights cost over $800. The chrome paint peeled off the drink holder within months, and some trwim fell off. The "modern" dashboard screen which displayed time, temperature, trip mileage, mpg was completely unreadable in the sunlight (white text on balck background) and the controls for scrolling though sub-routines unintelligible. Mercedes excellence? were designers oblivious to the powerpoint slide presentation rule: black text on white is far more visible? And then the right inside door pull broke off, even though 99% of the time I drive alone. In post-WWII Europe, sad little French cars (e.g. Simca, citroen) had problems like this, but a M-B in the 21st century??? And then the gear shift box broke loose?!?!?!! And then a B service routine resulted in an estimate of $4500 in repairs, from shocks, to brakes, to oil leaks, battery, suspension to... Goodbye Mercedes - use your slick ads to sell a "status car", a myth, propaganda at its best. As for me, I want a real car, not a 1950's-era European joke. A Ford or an Infiniti or Lexus, or Camry will sit in my driveway as soon as I shed this third world model.
C240 very smooth sexy car, handle is awesome, nice smooth engine my top mph= 140mph :) i like driving fast, however the breaks wear kinda quickly i have 70k miles and my door pannel motor broke on my passenger side dont really know how, but other than that snow is awesome with 4 matic benz is the best
Have over 45K miles and have not expeirienced any major problems. I've managed to greatly reduce my maintanance expences (one half) by utilizing a local repair shop that specializes in Mercedes only but does not charge the dealer prices.
Purchased this for my son used used in 2008. The dealership said this would be a perfect car for him with virtually no problems. What a joke. Since owning this car, we've paid over $3K in repairs. Most recently the back and front sway bar bushings needed replacing. To make matters worse - and to increase the cost of the repair to the customer - Mercedes stopped making the bushings for the front of the car such that the entire sway bar needs replacing. I would never recommend this car to anyone - not even my enemies AND I'll never own another Mercedes.