1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 owners review and rate their 1999 Mercedes-Benz C230.

1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 (6 Reviews)
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Bought my 99 230 Kompressor 3 years ago, and am happy with it overall. Only one major problem since I have owned it involving the alternator, but after a replacement all was well. All the other problems I have had have been superficial and cosmetic: Headliner is coming down, and the buttons inside can come off..accidentally sucked the trunk release up a vacuum! Hard to find replacement buttons! But in it's guts, where it counts, the car operates flawlessly with regular oil changes and ALWAYS passes the tough California smog inspections. The supercharger makes it much more powerful than a regular 4-banger, but it does drink fuel like a V6 as a result. It also tends to gear-hunt at low speeds, and resists upshifts until it is fully warmed up..usually about 2 minutes after a cold start, so it can be herky-jerky in creeping traffic. But overall a good car and one of the most reliable MB makes, which says alot because MB makes the most reliable cars in the German lineup.
I bought my 1999 C 230 Kompressor in 2002 and it had ~ 23,000 miles. It has been very reliable but it just recently had first mechanical breakage. Had to replace the wiper motor and linkage at 130,000 miles. Bought aftermarket parts and had them installed by a very qualified mechanic. Dealer wanted $1100 and I ended up spending $ 380. Works great now. The car gets around 25 mpg in town and ~ 30 on the road !!! Still drives and handles like it did when I bought it. Like the Benz so well, we traded the wife's BMW 325i for a 2009 C 300 about a year ago. Beemer was a DOG !! Talking about problems, I'll never own one of those again. Don't believe you can beat the C 230 for quality and price !!
Bought this car new in 99 and have had no serious problems (other than the dealer rip-offs). Have had to replace battery and motor mounts.
Car runs great, gives me good gas mileage, solid little sedan!
Simply amazing. Bought it eleven years old with less than sixty thousand and drives just beautifully.
Just purchase 1999 Mercedes-Benz c230 Kompresser. Love it. Handles great!!! Engine quite and runs smooth.. With the 2.3 L engine + Kompresser with the 185 horse power and super charger-it has plenty of zip. Great gas mileage for commuting to and from office or appointments. Still has that great shine and nice wheels. Comfortable interior. First time I ever bought a 10 year old car. And I was pleasantly surprise on its relaibility, handling and comfort in the leather seats.
This is a fun and zippy little care that's given a bit of extra scoot from its supercharger. Nothing special about the interior. It's austere and good enough...just not special. Decent mileage averaging 25-26 and seeing an occasional 27+, but any thought of engaging the supercharger kills the mileage. The car has performed very well year-after-year, and I just passed through 162K miles and it's going strong! No major repairs...just the usual soft goods wearing out. It's been a good and trusty ride!