1997 Mercedes-Benz C230 Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Mercedes-Benz C230 owners review and rate their 1997 Mercedes-Benz C230.

1997 Mercedes-Benz C230 (4 Reviews)
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like any othe car,,,,,u have to take care of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've dreamed of having a Mercedes like this since riding in them used as Taxi's in Germany when I was in the military. I bought this car for my wife to drive three years ago with about 110k on it and she liked it until she drove a BMW my son owns. Well, she got her BMW and I have used this car as my in town car ever since. I love this car. It turns on a dime, gets great gas mileage,and has had only three issues in three years (the idler pulley , the radio and the key fob failed). I work on my own cars and so this car has been a vacation. Idler pulley-$110, Radio replacement-$120, aftermarket key fobs wired in-$100. Better than new. I think I'll keep this one for a while longer.......
I am new to Mercedez and the 1997 C230 I now own was inherited. It has 100k miles on it. It has been garage kept for most of its life and as such looks almost brand new. So my review is based on driving a 13 year old car for the first time and admiring it as it is rather than complaining about how expensive the dealership repairs are (obviously people, should that be a surprise to you?). First off, I was amazed at the smoothness of the ride. Road noise is like nothing at all and going 20mph is the same as 75mph (easy to speed!). Gas mileage is very good. I am sitting at 3/4 of a tank right now and have already put 125 miles or so on the odometer. That means I can put 400+ miles in a tank easy (with the A/C on). A/C is great and starts to work in about 3 seconds which is very fast. There is a big problem with idling in this car. If you sit at a light the engine does funny things and the air screws up. However, I read in the manual to put the car in park if you are stopped for more than the span of a single light. The speakers are really great, but the radio/casette digital display is totally useless. It has blacked out and I have to rub it really hard with my finger to get it to show anything and then it just goes back to black. As for the drive/drive train, the car does not like to be in 2nd and 3rd gear. This problem sort of combos with the pedal which is hard to depress and if you depress it too hard the car bucks really hard and a flashing light appears for a second on the dash. This means going through stoplights repeatedly is really difficult but overall, the performance is quick, responsive and too be honest, smart. I think the car is programmed to know not to respond to the driver smashing on the pedals. With just a quick increase in pressure on either the gas or brake pedal the car exponentially begins to do its thing (w/o you having to slam on anything). The transmission is manual with the fake 4-speed thing at the bottom. Have had no problems with that at all. The leather seats in the car, switch controlled headrests, the sunroof, have all been nice luxurious compliments to a car that already seems very well made and well cared for. Two last things: I was in the market to buy a 2-year old car probably a VW Jetta. I test drove two of them. This Mercedes drives similarly well and especially regarding the great acceleration and the wonderful handling and sleek interior. Lastly, my wife's parents have a 2006 BMW 350 or something like that. This car is very similar on the inside and they both handle well. So when all is said and done the fact that this car, when cared for well, can hold up to a new Jetta or a new BMW is amazing!! BIG TIP: find a local mechanic who can get Mercedez parts; don't go to the dealership and complain if you can't afford it (I can't!!)
I've had this car for 7yrs and it has 166K miles and it is the best car I've ever owned. It does have costly repairs but I dont have a car payment so it can be justified. It still rides real nice and looks good, never mind great gas mileage.