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1990 Mercedes-Benz 300E owners review and rate their 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300E.

1990 Mercedes-Benz 300E (7 Reviews)
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I have this Mercedes-Benz 1990 3000E all of sudden out of no were, the car was on park went to put in reverse the park car would not move! Had no signs of tranny problems at all! No leaks at all! car runs awesome until this! mileage is 168000! What could this be?
this vehicle looses spark when it warms up any ideas
power seats will not work if doors are closed but work when any door is opened------any ideas to problem thanks
i have a mercedes benz 300E 1989 when i started it works properly,but when it is on drive i stop for stop side it shake
My 90' 300E series only starts after i already turn it over one time so second turnover it will fire up. unless use starting fluid then we get it in the first try does anyone have any pointer or experiences with this same problem and know a few probable solutions to this. we changed the fuel regulator and about to clean the plugs. thank you very much if you can help. - or give us a call at 702-385-4099.- office or me Steve at 702-461-4097
Everything is great except when taking off at a dead stop, it tends to feel like it's not gonna make it then, wham, she takes off barks 2nd gear and goes. And that is with a striaght 6 cyl
I have a 4-matic so a bit diffrent. I love the car even with the problems it has truthfully for a car that once cost $40000+ New and still somewhat have a value and a demand for well can't really complain about it. Only issues i have is the front suspension bushings go bad prematurely especially 4matic, which also bring me to the front brakes causing vibration and squeaking after 50% spent which can be fixed by getting vented disks and good quality pad. The headgasket has been done as well which for anyone that does it no matter what a mechanic tells you you must have the head plained to make sure you have a even match or else the leak will come back. The car for the milage i have 201,000 i cannot complain because for another type of car that had the same i am sure the quality of parts would not hold up to the test of time like a 1990 Mercedes 300E.