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2003 Mazda Tribute owners review and rate their 2003 Mazda Tribute.

2003 Mazda Tribute (6 Reviews)
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My 2003 Tribute was bought brand new and I still own it. It has now 140 miles. I had to change front & rear suspension. Tune up twice, needed motor mounts replaced and normal maintenence.
Now we have an oil leak and the ai conditioning system doesn't produce cold air and we can't figure out why.
I would appreciate any helpful comments.
Had problems with the drivers seat beat. The light stayed on. Took it to the dealership, they replaced seat beat straps.Did not work. Problem never solved
Had to have it idle up. Always cutting off.
Misfiring now.
I bought my Mazda Tribute new (48MILES. It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned!! Just now starting to have engine light come on and off and engine is cutting back. Any ideas? I have replaced the fuel pump & new battery.
Nothing but problems, alternator 2 times, intake manifold gasket, brakes all the time, transmission, brake booster all before 100k. There is more can't recall off the top of my head. Worst car ever!!!
2003-Purchased new. No problems. I keep all my fluids clean and fresh which I feel is a key.
I have had to repeatedly take my Tribute in for the airbag sensors that keep failing on both sides of the vehicle. If you google that you will see more people with the same problem. Mazda still can't figure out the solution. As soon as they change the sensors, a week later quit again. Now I'm riding around with no airbags due to this problem. Also, some nuts behind the wheel rusted off and caused my brakes not to work correctly until replaced.