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2002 Mazda Tribute (6 Reviews)
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I bought my Tribute used in 2010. It already had 140000 miles on it. I have had to replace the brake pads, struts & shocks, which is normal wear. I also need to repair the interior door panels (glue down fabric on the door) However, I love my Tribute, drives great. Couldn't ask for a better vehicle. My neice also has a 2002 Tribute,that she loves also. I would buy another Tribute.
Just bought at car aution.Overheating problem,sounds like a thumping noise in hose.If head gasket needed to replace, and someone put some of that headgasket sealer in engine,will it mess up the rest of the engine or just have the head gaskets replaced? Please send response.Thank You!
I bought my 02 Tribute ES used in 2004 with 50K miles on it. I had the certified used car warranty which covered repairs up to 100K miles. Replaced Transmission at 86K miles under warranty, Replaced rear diff seal, all axle seals at various times due to leaks again covered under warranty. Have just replaced the right front half shaft because abs ring broke. First repair I have paid for. Currently have 130K miles on it and it is running great. Hoping transmission holds up. I change the fluid annually hoping that helps. Tribute is excellent in the snow. I ended up buying a 2008 tribute and still think it is a godd value. It is just the right size and powerful enough for my needs.
Is anyone willing to send around some sort of petition for mazda to honor certain repairs under a lemon law? I have read numerous complaints online about poor starting, idling, and ignition problems. Here is what is going on. Faulty ignition coils are causing misfires in one or more cylinders and even on occasion causing the coil drivers inside the PCM to malfunction, causing a dead cylinder, even if the coil is replaced. If driven with a misfire, one or more of the 3 catalytic converters can become plugged or damaged causing poor acceleration, lack of power, and exhaust backpressure strong enough to blow out the EGR valve.
My 2002 Tribute LX has been nothing but trouble after 36k miles. I bought the car new, and now some 7 yrs later i still only have 84k miles on it. around 50k miles my alternator goes out.. $750 because you have to take the axle out to get to it. My brake rotors warp and i have to contantly change me breaks and rotors. IAC had to be replaced or cleaned to prevent poor idle. At 80k miles my transmission goes out $4000, Now I have some type of acceleration problem and exhaust prob. I blew apart 2 EGR valve (on my 3rd replacement), I replace my PCV and hose, but the car still accel poorly.. this car is junk. But worked fine the first 4 yrs, 50k miles... :( 6cyl/FWD
I've had my Tribute for 4 years now and I love it!!