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1999 Mazda Protege (2 Reviews)
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Really fun car to drive. Maintenance isn't tough. at 140 000 miles, and going strong. Get the upgraded EGR valve (cheaper at the dealer than at auto parts stores) to solve that problem with rough idle. Also causing rough idle was a leaking intake manifold gasket. Clean the MAF occasionally with electrical contact cleaner, and had to set the valve lash at 120 000 (much quieter at startup at -20 now). Use a synthetic ATF like Mobil1 or AMSOIL (otherwise it needs to be changed frequently to keep from slipping). Ok, engine mounts had to be replaced, and a control arm (bad ball joint). replaced the steering rack, but that was due to an accident the car was previously in. Brakes - not happy with any aftermarkets apart from the OEM Akebono (anything else warps the rotors and leads to vibration). Even non-OEM drums caused me vibration. Original muffler (but had to replace the front exhaust pipe). Do yourself a favor and upgrade tire size to a +1, and enjoy the grip! Directional signal switch and radio needed electrical contacts cleaned to keep running. Alternator failed, and replaced. Oh - sudden one-time 'shake' at speed has been identified on a few sites as a turbine speed sensor - a $30 part taking 10 minutes to replace. A failing throttle position sensor will prevent trans shifting - hit 7000 rpm, changed the $40 sensor (from dealer) and all was good. Dealer also gives me a better price on belts and spark plugs than auto shops. Happy with car!
brakes and suspension noisy. plus I get the dreaded engine light(EGR CODE) from time to time.I keep medium grade gas in it, it doesn't like low grade gas.