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2003 Mazda MPV (2 Reviews)
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I like to drive this car, been driving it for about 5 years. But it has some serious (idiotic) design problems:
-Transmission had to be completely replaced at 100,000Km. -Alternator is BELOW the car, I think front axle needs to be removed in order to remove alternator, sludge gets there easy.
-Oxygen sensors 4x, chronic problem - one of them is extremely difficult to replace. Generating engine trouble warnings on dashboard.
-Rear heater - pipes under car, originally made of steel, will rust out in few years - cause cooling liquid leak > engine overheating - there is no indication other then temperature gauge needle, easy to miss.
-Spare tire attached to bottom of the car by little crane, will rust out in few years, becoming unusable.
-Front light-left - bulb is very difficult to replace. Battery needs to be removed first etc
-Steering, vibration from road is felt - feels like unbalanced tires, but body is not vibrating only steering wheel.
Good part - I still like the drive (except the steering vibrations), never have had problems with engine, AC, electrical, electronics, brakes.
We have owned this car since new, Have had some problems with plug wires and coils being replaced (2) and only 90k, but over all it has been a good van and would buy Mazda again