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2002 Mazda MPV (2 Reviews)
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somebody can help me? on my mpv-2002, the electronic system to open the side-back doors SOME TIMES WORKS AND SOME TIMES NOT, please if you know why, may you let me know?? thanks
THE ONLY minivan in the market that drives like a car. You may see this repeated all over the internet, and you have to drive one to believe it. I was against having minivan for years because I don't like to drive a boat, and was seriously gonna put more money up front to get a large SUV. But Mazda did some magic and from 2002 on, the V6 just makes this minivan drives and handles like a car.

The biggest complaint out there are the ignition coil and spark plugs; but that's easily solved by a cheap $4 wrie dryer sprayed to the coil wire and cover to prevent water leaking in to damage those parts. Once that's done, there's practically nothing can be wrong with this car.

Oh BTW, it's very quiet inside too. I can barely hear my engine when I drive. Love it and will keep it forever and ever. Thanks Mazda!