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2001 Mazda Millenia (3 Reviews)
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I owned this car in late '00 now can't believe as of today on 5/7/2015 my Mazda clocked over 250,000 miles with the original engine and tranny...Has received all good maintenance when I first purchased it new. The car still looks good inside and out no cosmetic problems seats are comfortable as features are very outstanding. Took 3 hour trips never once felt too exhausted so happy driving this car love my Millenia. Overall she rides like a dream still not even closed compared to my Volvo didn't ride this smooth as my Mazda. Interior materials are great look very expensive has Original Bose stereo with 6 disc CD changer lots of power from engine...performance is adequate it gets good gas mileage well worth value...Didn't do much to car only thing be a shortcoming be brakes doesn't last longer they require an replacement every 2-3years but still the car is overall reliable. I've got all serviced records looks top of the line with factory exterior white/two tone gold paint with Premium model...2.3 Supercharged is the best ever under hood of car took very excellent cared of my car she is the best while running great in excellent shape.
im aj just inherrited the 2001 mazda mellenia type s my grandmother owned the car for 10 years and no really big repairs just your usual like tune ups tires ect but....i just put about 1000 us dollers in to this machine is a good car all around but its real pricy is it worth it?????
This car is really nice it was easy to get it looking like new again..! the interior is in excellent shape ... the body is beautiful... and it drives like a dream the only thing Im a little disappointed with the gas mileage, but this is before we have the oil changed because it does need to be , we just purchased it.... privately owned .....but didnt have much to do to this car when we got it.. I believe anyone that gets this yr and model will be overall happy and yes it is loaded leather power everything and just a dream , she is white.....I was surprised to take an hrs drive to look at her and drive her for the first time...and then buy her....gonna get a tune up and go from there !!