1999 Mazda Miata MX-5 Reviews and Owner Comments

1999 Mazda Miata MX-5 owners review and rate their 1999 Mazda Miata MX-5.

1999 Mazda Miata MX-5 (3 Reviews)
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My 1999 Miata has been my only vehicle for 12 years and I have to say it has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. When I bought it in 2001, it had just under 16k miles on it. It now has just under 90K miles on it. Other than regular maintenance, it has not had any major problems until now. The water pump is about to go out and that can a major expense due what it entails to get to it and other parts you may as well replace while you're at it. But hey, my parts aren't as young as they used to be either. The only real complaint I have about owning this car is that it drives horribly in the snow. Having said that, I highly recommend this vehicle. Its definitely gets attention!
When you steal a car from the street, it is called Grand Theft Auto; When you steal a car from a dealer, its called being a SHRUDE Operator!!! I stole my 1999 Miata. At $4K, 97K miles, flawless motor, interior/exterior horrid top, it was a good buy. But when someone cut the top on the dealer's lot AND it was replaced by the dealer's insurance AND they only wanted $4K for it---Stick 'em up, here's your money. I enjoy cheating stupid people---its just what I do. Like paying $150.00 for a signed Suwada in Museum Quality framing (it was marked down 6 times from $1,500.00). I can not express the joy in my heart when, having bought the Litho and put it in my car, the saleswoman and MANAGER chased me down and offered me $300.00 on the spot to give them their litho back. Tower Lithos is out of business now (any wonder why?!!!)

BACK TO THE MIATA REVIEW. Ladies & Gents---this is your Commuter Car/Weekend Bomber. At 58mph (5th Gear/3K RPMS) I routinely get 29-34MPH---that's hybrid territory for a 12 year old car!!! This is a backyard mechanic's wet dream-plugs are on top of the manifold, alternators can be changed in 4 minutes or less (if you put spark plug paste on the Ibolt), the car will go 300K & pass smog, you can drive it with one finger because it is PERFECTLY balanced, 12 years old and it still is a babe magnet, etc. etc. Wanna save money for your retirement? Drive into any Fast Food window and open your car door---them quarters add up and you are so low to the ground that all you have to do is sweep your hand to scoop up the change!!! You can park on a postage stamp, turn on a dime and it fits in tight places ( I'm a fan of things that fit into tight places...)

NEGATIVES: If you are OLD, FAT or over 6', this is NOT YOUR CAR!!! Sorry!!! Take the bus!!! Want to know what it was like being a JEW under the Spanish Inquisition? Drive a Miata over 100 miles without a stretch break and tell me about your back or your kidneys!!!
Bought the car at 35k mi, now has 78k mi. Aside from regular maintenance, this car has been extremely reliable. Idle droop occurred at ~50k, fixed by cleaning the intake manifold. Torn lower shift boot found at 60k which may be contributing to some shift notchiness, but I bet it still shifts better than 95% of all cars out there. Other than that, nothing but miles and miles of smiles.