1990 Mazda Miata MX-5 Reviews and Owner Comments

1990 Mazda Miata MX-5 owners review and rate their 1990 Mazda Miata MX-5.

1990 Mazda Miata MX-5 (3 Reviews)
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I bought my '90 Miata new. It has been and still is a great car. Currently has 86k miles on the odometer. It has never had mechanical problem in all those miles and 22 years. I replaced the top about 2 years ago. New top has glass back window (much better than original). I only wish I had paid an extra $1,400 for the removable hard top the dealer had at the time.
As the former owner of half a dozen British sports cars, I came across a great deal on a high mileage slightly beat up Mazda Miata.
What a surprise! After doing several minor repairs and catching up on neglected maintenance by the previous owner I started to drive and enjoy my Miata more and more.
I asked myself the question do I want to work on my British cars during the week so I could drive the car at the weekend, or drive a convertible any time I wanted.
The Mazda has the soul of a MG or Triumph with Japanese reliability. I have put up nearly 180,000 miles not one ounce of trouble. It is a car I know I could get in and drive across the country in the morning if I had too. With minimum care these cars are fun, reliable, economical, cheap to maintain, and a great second hand bargain.
Zoom Zoom for ever!!!!

I have owned my 90 since 95. When I bought it it had 30,000 miles on it, now has 130,000. Love this car. Do the scheduled maintenance and give it the TLC it deserves and these cars will be there for you. Radio is a problem, had to replace it in 2001. Paint peeled starting in 1997, have talked to other owners, same problems. I am 6'3" with a 32" inseam and 300 Lbs, this car fits me better than most cars out there. I have major back problems and I can sit in this car much longer than any thing else I have ridden in.